Free Custom «A Responsible Child» Essay Paper

Free Custom «A Responsible Child» Essay Paper

After school, it was a time for me to develop my personalized skills as well as explore the little world around me. As other children thought of how they will be going parks, play, and probably enjoy chocolates and biscuits, I had different thoughts. My parents had always told me to come back immediately after school to eat and do something else. The play I had during school hours was deemed enough and the only other time I would be allowed to play out with specific friends was during weekends and holidays.

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At the age of ten, my parents made sure I wash my handkerchiefs and socks and was responsible for tidying up my room. Though we had a house help, she would not dare touch anything in my room except take my other dirty clothes and wash them. I had to arrange my books and clothes in a systemized manner so that I do not start calling out in the morning wondering where my science textbook is or the sought. My after school activities involved cleaning and tiding my room as well as reading other storybooks. My parents made sure that I had enough storybooks and would always allow me to go to a nearby library to read some more. I was given little money that would only afford me little snacks. However on weekends, we would go out with my parents who would allow me pick ma selection of books and any other item that the approved of.

The government has a vital role in ensuring that children are safe after school. It was surprising that some of them were left to play in the streets due to lack of a playground. They were not only a nuisance to the passersby but also posed themselves with a security risk of passing motorists. There was no supervision as most parents were busy at work. Establishing a playground will ensure that they play in a safe environment where there will also be maximum supervision. Parents of such kids will not have to worry about how safe they are as long as they are in the playgrounds or somewhere in a kid’s library.


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