Free Custom «A Career in Medicine» Essay Paper

Free Custom «A Career in Medicine» Essay Paper

Personal satisfaction and motivation are key ingredients in ones career. There are millions of people who have never tasted these throughout their career journey. This is attributed to the fact that many people make career choices out of external pressure from family, friends and others who may or may not have sufficient information about a particular profession. As a result, stress and frustrations become part and parcel of ones daily routine. This realization has tremendously transformed my overall perception towards career choices making me consider a change of career to medicine. Although I have constantly worked hard in the banking industry for more than five years, I have always felt some level of incompleteness in terms of the kind of satisfaction I derive from this job.

Like many people in the world, I was influenced to study economics as my first degree in the university. I dedicated every single effort towards my studies so as to obtain a better grade at the end of my course. Despite this dedication, I never saw myself work in the banking industry for the rest of my life. However, I did not turn down the first banking job with Product Controller, UBS Investment Bank which came my way immediately after my undergraduate studies in the year 2004. It is important to note that my daily experience in the industry has planted a new inspiration, desire and new career ambition in medicine.

Although many people perceive banking to a fantastic job, I do confess that I have been productive throughout my working experience although I have never experienced satisfaction which I have always seen in the medical profession. Seating before a computer everyday has done quiet minimal in bringing out the good in me. I have always believed in myself as a personal with total willingness and desire to not only serve customers over the counter but have a personal experience with clients and serve the community. This has been the main foundation to becoming a medical professional.

Banking has limited me in almost every aspect of my life. This has been more profound in the manner in which I have always interacted with my customers. Keeping and updating of bank records contrasts what I expect from a satisfying career. For the last couple of years in the banking industry, I have been exposed to a stagnant and not too late to change my career and discover the source of professional contentment. Unlike the banking industry, working as a medical expert would be one of the most exciting and fulfilling idea in ones life. Although medicine is dreaded because of its demand in terms of training and the prerequisite requirements, it is one of the most satisfying careers on the world.

Medicine gives a person an opportunity to bring realistic change in the society as compared to careers like banking which limits individuals in terms of discovering ones position in the community. With my immense passion of community work, working as a medical professional will go a long way in realizing a dream that I have always kept in my heart. This career has a wider spectrum of growth opportunities not only in the office but in the entire society. Unlike bankers, medical professionals are able to have a feel and a taste of the exact issues affecting those around them. A part from addressing problems likes diseases and attending to those in need, this field offers long term solutions to deal with such issues.

Can a doctor’s life be compared to that of a banker? The two can be sharply contrasted and may have very little in common. By working in the field of medicine, one is able to have a direct impact in the society than having a mouse and keyboard as daily companions in the bank. Attending to current social problems and helping people to have a healthy life is the greatest dream I have ever had. I believe that this can only be realized by joining the field of medicine. It is a field which requires dedication and the readiness to give out oneself through service which is the pillar of my career. Although the field has prerequisite knowledge and skills which I lack, I am more than willing to study basic organic chemistry and biology. I have total confidence that a wholesome fulfillment lies in my choice of moving from banking to medicine.



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