Free Custom «3 Decisions» Essay Paper

Free Custom «3 Decisions» Essay Paper

The paper is an in depth examination of personal decision. Be definition, decision has been thought as an act or desire aimed at making up one's mind with regards to a number or a given issue at hand. It is a fact that change in human sphere of life is inevitable and those who are not ready to change are usually faced with difficulties later in life ( Thus changes coupled with decision making are key components in human life. The three decisions in the past that have changed my life are giving up the university education and getting a job where I met new friend, going to America to experience a big world and joining the army where I developed to be brave and learn more about societies.

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Since I was young, I fancied seeing armed personnel. I vowed to myself that when I will come of age, I will join the army. My uncle experiences which he share with me might have played a bigger role in propelling my decision. I believed if I join army I would be in a position to learn more about the society. Additionally, the training offered helped keeping me fit and courageous. Amy officers are instilled with doctrines and philosophies that make them to be brave and face.

Going to America a decision I made gave me an opportunity to face and experience the outer world in a bigger perspectives. My view on major societal issues such as politics, environment, economy and culture were impacted. I learnt to associate with individual from a different culture from mine. Despite the fact that I experience culture shock, I was quick to adjust thanks to my capabilities of appreciating other people's way of life. Those I interacted with also learnt some cultural aspects from my country of origin.

Another decision that was not taken kindly by those close to me especially my parents is giving up my university education and getting a job. In doing so, I met with a new friend who played a major role in helping me change my character from that of a shy boy to an individual who can freely and easily mingle with others in the society. I bet that although it was a bold decision, it might negatively impact in my future in terms of career development among other issues.

In conclusion, making decision are part and [parcel of mankind as change has been seen to be an inevitable aspect that fosters life. Three main decisions I made in past that changed my life are joining army where I was shaped to be brave, going to America exposed me to new cultures impacting in my views on economic, environmental and political ideology and finally giving up university education to secure a job.


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