Free Custom «Why I Want to Be an RN» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Why I Want to Be an RN» Essay Paper

I want to become an RN because of my love for taking care of patients who are in need. I also enjoy teaching patients and all their family members about the rudiments of proper health. I am always motivated to undertake these tasks on a career basis since they have always have an immense potential of changing lives. It is for this same reason that I am extremely passionate about working in the medical field in the capacity of an LPN.

I value education because it is one of the ways of knowing how to deal with my weaknesses. For instance, I get very upset whenever I do not get the job done within the specified timeline. I get even more upset if I fail to do the job according to the set standards. Without proper education and professional training, I know that these weaknesses may get in the way of success in a medical career.

I hold the strong belief that if I have the ability to be of assistance to someone in problems, then I am obliged to do it. I discovered that I have passion for helping the sick and the hurting during childhood. I used to have this strongly feeling that that the right place for me was nursing. My ultimate goal is to give back to the society that has inculcated valuable moral values in me.

The hobbies that interest me tell a lot about the my passions: I love reading, going fishing with my family, and enjoying a game of football during the weekend. Normally, I hate to imagine that are people who would like to spend their weekends as happily as I do but they are unable to do so because they are unwell.

Instead of sitting back and doing nothing about such people’s problems, I have always felt that it is imperative that I become a career nurse. This was the kind of motivation that enabled me go through my studies, where I ultimately graduated from LPN school. After getting my license for practice within the medical field, I started reaping the fruits of my education. The more I engaged in the medical practice, the more I became convinced that even if I was to be reborn, I would practice nursing again and again.

I believe that it is a good idea to earn a living in a way that is beneficial to other people. I also value the returns that one acquires after putting a lot of effort into academic work. Nursing is one of the most demanding courses today, both in terms of the effort and time that one puts into academics. It is in this very spirit that I intend to pursue further studies while still working. I believe that further studies will expose me to even more knowledge. I know further qualifications are necessary for not only better employment opportunities but also greater success in resolving people’s health problems.

Moreover, I cannot seem to learn to learn enough about how our bodies function. I also cannot seem to grasp enough concepts for use in my career line. Every day when I am in my line of duty, I find myself identifying flaws in the way I make decisions relating to my profession. The only way to fill these knowledge gaps, I keep telling myself as well as those around me, is to pursue further studies in nursing.

Moreover, I have had wonderful teachers who always encouraged me to go for whatever my heart yearned for. Whenever I meet these teachers, they tend to suggest that I should pursue further studies in order to become a better nurse. I hope to be a better nurse, to stay ahead of the pack, and to maintain professionalism, once I graduate with an advanced nursing course.



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