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Theory Incorporated in the Research

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To make the whole research rely on the theoretical background, it is vital to shed light on a definite nursing theory applicable to the use of physical restraint. In this respect one may underline several directions, namely: patient’s safety, self-care of nurses, appropriate consultations. This is why Self-care deficit nursing theory by Dorothea Orem has been chosen to take advantage of the methods and appraisals for the proposed solution.

First and foremost, this theory provides a basis for the team work among nurses (Pearson, Vaughan, & Fitzgerald, 2005). As a grand nursing theory, it is widely used in the primary care and in case of rehabilitation. Moreover, physical restraints touch upon the points of self-care and in-time estimation of what should be done for a patient in order to lessen physical load.

The model works in accordance with the current circumstances. It means that depending upon the situation the interaction between a patient and a nurse takes place in two ways, namely: “…when individuals are able to care for themselves, they do…when they are not in a position to do this the nurse interacts to care for the individual” (Carey, 2000, p. 110). Thus, there is an alternative for both participants in the field of healthcare, so to speak.

By all accounts, Orem’s theory serves the best for making the work of nurses not that exhausting (Burns & Grove, 2005). To implement the theoretical strongholds regarding the proposed solution, it is likely that I would start with a firsthand view of the theory itself. Promotion of trainings within the nurse team plays a principal role for determining the main points to be addressed respectively. That is to say, nurses should not overcharge notwithstanding their passion and devotion to their work (Boyd, 2008). On the other hand, coherence in participation between nurses and patients and within the personnel plays the second major role for incorporating the theory.

Buy custom Theory Incorporated in the Research essay paper cheap

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