Free Custom «The Use of Unlicensed Assistive Personnel» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Use of Unlicensed Assistive Personnel» Essay Paper


The use of Unlicensed Assistive Personnel is done under the supervision of the Registered Nurse. To deliver the best service and to maintain public trust, UAPs should be properly trained to administer medication to patients and they should be able to give relevant certificates as proof of this training. During their delivery of the service, UAPs should be given in-service training to ensure competence. This paper is designed to give a plan on how to train and certify UAPs in order to minimize the incidences of incompetence in administering medication.

The Use of Unlicensed Assistive personnel

Unlicensed assistive personnel provide registered nurses with the much needed support in their work as restorative or preventive health care givers. The work of UAP may include health-related tasks like measuring vital signs, bathing patients, and the collection of data as directed by the registered nurse. In providing such services, it is imperative that the registered nurse ensures the competence of the UAP. The education provided to the UAP should involve a professional nurse in curriculum implementation and development. The education should be approved and standardized by the Board of Nursing.

Unlicensed assistive personnel should be trained by respective registered nurse on case by case basis. By training an experienced UAP on particular patients who need supervision on self-administration of medicine or where the UAP is required to administer the required medication, the registered nurse should be able to take time to educate and evaluate the UAP on the requirements and procedures involved. This might take a week, where after the completion of such training and evaluation is approved by the Board of Nursing. 

The registered nurse should be responsible for preparation of the UAP to perform such administration. It is also important for the Board of Nursing to approve a preparation and evaluation curriculum in medication administration by the UAP. In-service training for the UAP should be done by the relevant registered nurse to ensure that all the procedures are followed in the administration of medicine. UAP training should also be standardized to help in evaluation and certification.



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