Free Custom «The Health Care Bill» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Health Care Bill» Essay Paper


The current Health Care Bill that has been on the spotlight in the senate and the house in regard to health care reform is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This was signed into law by the president in a bid to make the healthcare services accessible to those who are less privileged in society. Through this bill, the health care system became expanded as more people got empowered to access healthcare through the protection offered by the government. This bill focuses on healthcare costs, insurance coverage and the greater improvement of the healthcare service system.

Interest Groups for and against the Proposal

The power behind the bill is one sided as it enormously supported by the Democrats who have a political stake in it as well as the need to help the underprivileged. However, the move to make the bill a success has had numerous obstacles with most lawmakers in the opposition fighting it through court to stop its legislation or some of its stages. Among the stages fought was the insurance provision clause which was presumed could be mandatory (LoBalsamo, 2009). Individuals also had a go at the bill which they viewed as a violation of their rights and sovereignty of their respective states as interpreted by the Attorneys General. Furthermore, the law was seen as a financial burden on the states’ budget as it sought to increase the money spent on health care. This aggravated the situation further because people felt that they could be compelled to pay more taxes to service a system that the poor could benefit from.

Those Affected in the Community

The first understanding we have is that the government is making a big step towards helping the poor access healthcare. This is part of the welfare state deal that will not require people to queue for upkeep money every end month. The second part points to those with high salary figures as the Bill sought to collect more taxes to the build revenue base that would fund the excessive charges placed in patents’ charge sheets (Jacobs, 2010). However, as the Bill seeks to make healthcare affordable to all through a skyrocketing healthcare budget approximated to increase by 200 million dollars, there are high chances that the nation will be a healthier one. The Bill will serve as a stepping stone that will help the poor in clearing their bills who together with the old have to be taken care of at homes that might not have sufficient medical supplies. This therefore puts congress on the spot once more to deliver a bill that will ensure equity in accessing insurance.

The Positive side of the Proposal

As the Bill suggests there will be affordability and protection to everyone in regard to accessing healthcare services. In the quest to protect the consumer, the Bill seeks to have a control against insurance providers who exploit patients and better still make coverage affordable through the federal government’s program known as the high risk pool. Moreover, to make exploitation from insurance providers stop, the government hopes to bring about the cost sharing program that will make the field level for those garnering to make provisions for health services expenses (Obama, 2010). The cost sharing initiative is an important one because the general public especially those that are unable to pay their own medical bills will be exempted. The advantage is that the government will provide part of the supplies that health care centres require thus foot the bill beforehand.

The argument will be for the imposition of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Bill because there will be equity in Medicare industry regarding inpatient and outpatient. Furthermore, the government will be able to establish mechanisms that will work to ensure that the health care system is under constant audit. This will ensure that all subsidiary companies that support the medical services provision will be harnessed to prevent exploitation of the patient from the big pharmaceuticals to the point where the patient gets treated.


The man opposition to the healthcare bill points to increased taxes that must be imposed to make the bill fundable. Although the government comes in as the cost sharing partner, there is still a problem because it has to make rules that will increase tax to serve the national budget. But with the entire cry about increased taxes, we have to admit that for the first time there is going to be insurance for each person without direct dependency on welfare.



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