Free Custom «The Changing Health Care Environment» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Changing Health Care Environment» Essay Paper

My leadership style

The changing health care environment warrants proper leadership in order to enhance the provision of quality health care. Leadership entails the ability to influence and give direction to others in performing a particular task with a core aim of achieving some preset goals. As a nurse leader, I strategically exercise the leadership style so as to tackle the encroaching issues that deem detrimental to the provisions of the health care services. In order to create a good working environment which fosters the provision of quality health care, I exercise the transformational kind of leadership.

Through the exercising of transformational leadership as a nurse leader, I inspire fellow nurses, the hospital management committees, and the subordinate staff. By exercising this type of leadership style, I aid the entire hospital management board in appreciating the employees of the hospital for their good work. The appreciation of the employees for their efforts and outstanding performance which contributes to the success of the organization motivates the employees. Appreciation also makes them become self-driven in their quest to be part of the performing cum winning organization. In exercising the transformational leadership as the nurse in charge, I inspire my subordinates through actions and words other than rewards and punishments. The execution of duties in the hospital fraternity should be done diligently and thus under my stewardship as the nurse in charge, I inspire the employees in various departments of the hospital to realize their strengths and weaknesses thus enable them adjust accordingly without the external influence.

Key characteristics which represent my strengths as a nurse leader

In order to diligently discharge my duties and responsibility as the nurse in charge, I am obliged to display and posses some characters so as to win the confidence of the junior staff whom I lead (Karen, 2009). First, I am considerate, the fact that I take several factors into consideration while delegating and allocating the duties and responsibilities to the fellow nurses, make the junior staff gain confidence and be open to me. The junior staff members therefore become friendly to me and thus report to me on the crucial issues which are detrimental to the pursuance of the hospital’s mission. Secondly, I am consultative, as a nurse leader I am endowed with the responsibility of aiding my fellow staff members whilst advising the hospital management board on the crucial policies which should be enacted so as to improve the quality of the service delivery of the institution.

Being a link between the fellow nurses and the hospital management board, I seek the opinions of the fellow nurses who are junior so as to present the informed opinions which reflect on the entire staff for optimal decision making. Thirdly, I am dedicated; I spend most of my time sharing with the junior staff members on how to handle some issues regarding the management and the improved service delivery. My dedication to the improved service delivery has prompted me to seek ways of improving on the welfare of the employees. This makes them to fully dedicate their selves to the service delivery of the hospital. It is as a result of this virtue that I regularly organize for the capacity building workshops for my fellow nurses so as to tip them on the current changes in the trends of health care. Through these workshops, I also motivate and empower my fellow staff members to fully discharge their duties and responsibilities as required by the rules and regulations governing the hospital. The fourth character I possess is that I uphold the virtue of honesty and humility at all times. I therefore notify the junior staff on their mistakes and the essence of correcting them whenever they commit. This instills confidence in the manner in which my fellow nurses undertake their duties.

Areas of professional development

In order to further develop my leadership abilities as a nurse leader and with regard to the changing health care environment, I have an obligation of focusing on various areas of development. These areas include, understanding the cultural diversity, change management, global awareness, project management, and the computer literacy. This is because the changing health care environment changes with technological trends, and therefore as the nurse leader I should be equipped and well versed with changing technological trends so to provide clear directions to my fellow nurses.

The concept of change management is also essential in the changing health care environment since it will enable me as a leader to strategically manage the various departments within my jurisdiction. This will enhance the provision of better services with respect to the changing scenarios (Brookham, 2006). As a nurse leader, I should be aware of what is happening globally with regard to the nursing profession and practice so as to tip my fellow nurses on the latest developments in the nursing fields. This is very important to the development and progress of the hospital since it will enhance its pursuance for the preset goals.  It is also necessary for me as the nurse leader to understand the cultural diversity so as to better understand the requirements and the modes of attending to the staff and the patients of respective diverse backgrounds.

How my unique characteristics will support change in my work place

My unique characteristics such as the understanding of the cultural diversity will enhance team building and the creation of good working environment. This is due to the fact that, understanding of people from different backgrounds will lead to the special catering of such people’s needs with regard to their cultural and spiritual beliefs. The literacy in information and communication technology is also a necessity in that it will assist me as a leader to get updated on the latest developments in the nursing arena globally. The information technology will also foster my networking and thus keep the management of the hospital posted on the modern ways of offering the competitive and quality services. The essence of project and change management will improve the service delivery in the changing health care environment since it will give room for strategic replacements on the basis of merit and with regard to specialization and division of labor.

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Other leadership styles

In order to steer the health care institution and my team of nurses towards the realization of the institution’s goals of service delivery, it is necessary for me as a leader to be dynamic and to employ some of the following leadership styles;

Participative leadership

In this kind of leadership style, the personnel from all levels of the organization are involved in decision making process. This basically targets the collective responsibility and the mutual ownership and the desire to achieve the organizations’ mission. This kind of leadership will foster the employees’ commitment to the achievement of the organizations objectives where they have been involved in relevant decision making.

Situational leadership

The service delivery in healthcare institutions are sometimes so dynamic, and are prone to situational problems thus different situations warrants different leadership styles for the achievement of the amicable solutions (Belbin, 1996). The employee redundancy or the general poor service delivery calls for change in the leadership personnel’s or the overall change of the organizations management. As a situational leader therefore I will be very versatile and sensitive enough to judge the moods and the trend of the fellow nurses’ performance hence change the mode of leadership style to counteract the alarming situation accordingly.

Charismatic leadership

Exercising this kind of leadership style means that as a charismatic leader I will persuade the nurses through kind words and powerful arguments to seriously undertake their responsibilities.


The changing health care environment requires apt leadership which ensures that the quality services are provided. The leadership should ensure that proper health care policies with no conflicting factors are enacted. The leadership should ensure that a myriad of ill-informed policies grafted by government technocrats are done away with.

As a leader of a changing health care environment, one should strive to provide the health care which is imperative, affordable, equitable, safe, efficient, patient-centered and with well developed systems.  As the nurse leader, one needs to be very cautious, observant and timely so as to be able to provide for the right needs for the staff in the health care institution. One should also be able to understand all the likes and dislikes of every staff member with regard to his/her background and try to address them.



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