Free Custom «Stress in Nursing Practice» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Stress in Nursing Practice» Essay Paper


Stress is an occupational hazard which is a significant health problem and that is normally quite prevalent in the nursing profession. These are associated with the nature of the profession where they encounter a lot of traumatizing experiences. This indicates that the problem is existing hence the need for it to be tackled or at least the putting up of contingency measures to reduce the burden put on nurses (Gellis, 2002).

Causes of nursing practice stress

The nurse’s role since a long time ago has been regarded as one which is stress filled due to the physical strain endured and complicated by the long working hours and interpersonal relationships expected that are principal to the nurses and their working environments. With nursing profession predominantly women and the responsibilities they have between juggling home responsibility home and at work. This creates a higher risk of family stress affecting the nurse as this may result in absenteeism and turnover which is not good for the patients or the health care facilities. Due to under staffing, it will lead to fatigue due to overworking although some of it can be from non work related effects like long commuting or bad lifestyle like poor diet or maybe bad habits like too much drinking of alcohol. The lack of sleep or insomnia due to psychological reasons can heavily impact on the performance of the nurse at work hence a clear mind is suitable him/her to have some good sleep (Jennings, 1999).

This lowers the patient’s safety as the nurses are not working at capacity, and this is dangerous as an error can easily lead to loss of lives. The work environment is very crucial in the alleviation of the same and this can be done by making it more comfortable and relaxing; this is because depending on an individual’s culture, background, experience, education or family background the reaction to stressful situation is bound to vary greatly. Another action is to through psychological motivation to boost confidence and reduce the work pressure (Felblinger, 2002).

According to Gellis (2002), to prevent burn out the nurses should be given enough off times with reasonable working hours to reduce this and give time balance tie between he time and issues at work and time in the work area. The nurse managers should also learn on how to deal with staff in the work area. Some of the coping skills include massage, yoga, music, physical exercise and meditation which some of the staff maybe encouraged to undertake at least one. Lack of any outlet points can lead to frustration building and the end result maybe outbursts or even physical violence at the slightest provocation. Most administrators are not nurses and may not be aware of the nurses undergo and this external influence can easily bring the problem as the staff will feel unappreciated while direct managers should be more understanding to the plight of the workers as they are the direct influence hence need to control I terms of shifts given and working hours.

Work place violence

This is a physical act acted towards the person on duty or shift. This is due to criminals coming for treatment and are armed, patients with mental illness which make them violent, the drugs and money in the health facilities make them easy target, and sometimes angry family members of patients. To prevent this management have to be absolutely not tolerant such violence with good safety measures put in place to prevent such hazards while security to prevent any arms being brought inside the health facility(Gilmore-hall, 2001).

Action Plan

The best action plan for these is the stress management is to begin with recognizing the frenzy that the nurses are put in, followed by a stress management solution.. So find the source of stress and steps to alleviate the same while considering the input by the affected (Weinberg, 2000).


Stress is a factor that has continually been a significant negative effect of the nursing profession throughout the years hence highly relevant to the working force. There fore the more actions should be put in place to alleviate the same problem and make the nursing practice a more occupational hazard free or lessen the same which as indicated will improve health care delivery and prevent poor care being given to the sick.



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