Free Custom «Stress in Nursing Practice» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Stress in Nursing Practice» Essay Paper

Stress is a reaction that emanate from once body in response to any demand in the process of assimilating any change either good or bad. The body responds to this by releasing chemical that gives the body energy to help in facing the situation ahead. Stress is very perceptive and very complex depending on the practice that one undertakes on daily basis. In the case here, we will embark on the workplace stress in nursing. Stress in nursing can be caused by various factors due to the complexity and the demand of the job. The causes range from the workload they are engaged in on daily basis.

They may also be stressed by the kind of leadership that is in their work place. The other possibility of cause of stress is the emotional cost as well as the professional conflict that is mainly brought by either not knowing how to carry out a certain operation or incompetence in certain field of operation (Cox, 1978). This requires them to be well supported mentally and physically as the work they does is very sensitive and fragile. Each person has to evaluate him/herself to come up with an issue that stress oneself more to ensure that affirmative action is taken against such issue preventing becoming a nuisance in the work place. For my case here, I will discuss death of patient as the main cause of stress as a nurse.

In each and everything that one does has the desire to make it work. Otherwise, if one thing goes contrary to once will, one feels demoralized and thus stress. According to Cipriani, et al, 2000, in a situation where every one is looking up to you to bring back to life a person in the verge of dying create a lot of pressure to oneself. It creates a mix reaction that one cannot explain. It requires a lot of emotional restrain to ensure that the emotion created is not transferred to the vulnerable people. Caring of the dying people is distressful and emotionally painful. It is a threatening experience that despite of the number of years that an individual has worked in the hospital setting always haunt once very fresh.

This aspect of stress causes a lot of problem especially when dealing with the patients. It blocks one thinking capacity and may lead to more problems especially if it is not tackled in the right time. One feels uncomfortable especially when dealing with a similar case. This decreases ones efficiency in the subsequent encounter thus requiring an immediate intervention. The nursing stress management requires one to work in close with the fellow workmates. This is to ensure that one share once side of the story and get appropriate advice. It also requires some counseling to some extent to ensure that the morale is regained once more and the job efficiency is improved.

This issue may make one to appear brutal when dispensing the nursing services. This is especially seen when the people concerned do not cooperate with the nurse in attempt to save once life. This has been politicized to greater height terming the nurses to be arrogant in their duties. People tend to believe that nurses do not have the feeling for those affected and term them insensitive. The notion of the people has in the nursing profession has very small impact to their working place. This is because professionally, the nurses are recruited and get education to deal with such issues. However, to some extent, they feel unappreciated and demoralized by such compliments.

The issue of stress caused by death of patients is a very critical issue in the field of nursing as it keeps on occurring often in the nurse daily life. This issue should be tackled by regular refresher cause on how to deal with such issues. In addition, a lot of counseling and rest is required especially when one feels worked up to prevent subsequent consequences of such stress to other patients. Furthermore, one has to be open on once feeling to others to get help.



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