Free Custom «Stress Facing Nurses after Hurricane Katrina» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Stress Facing Nurses after Hurricane Katrina» Essay Paper

Hurricane Katrina categorized as category 4 storm swept the United States of America in August 2005 leading to serious consequences in the recent past in American history. Katrina together with he flooding that came with it so it that close to a half a million individuals were evacuated. Similarly, properties were destroyed; of significance were health facilities as well as its resources. In the quest of trying to offer medical attention to citizens, the states and the federal government sent health care professional. These individuals faced a myriad of challenges that proved stressful in their lives (Weems, 2007). The numbers of nurses were few compared to that seeking medication assistance and due to unpredictability and controllability of the situation, a number of nurses experienced stress.

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It is worth mentioning that although nurses are fully aware of their role during disaster as they have taken leadership role in addressing the problems at hand the issue of stress facing a number of them might be a serious set back. According to McGowan, 2001 stress comes to light when an individual is faced with issues deemed to negatively impact on their physical and mental state.  Levels of stress usually increases when controllability and predictability declines which in most cases is when disasters occurs. It is established that when such levels increases, there is a sharp decline in nurses’ satisfaction and motivation.

This could possibly lead to medical professional to leave resulting to shortages of nurses, poor medical services to citizens/victims of a disaster among others.  It is evident that the phenomenon is on the rise and if preventive measures are not taken into consideration citizens will lack adequate medical attentions in the wake of natural disasters. Among the intervention to curb stress in nurses during natural disasters include preparing them psychologically of what they expect during such times, provide them with all equipment and moral support, adequately training them on how to handle stress, if possible remove potential stressors just to mention but a few.


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