Free Custom «Public Health Nurse» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Public Health Nurse» Essay Paper

The Article is informative and gives insight into new areas that are yet to be fully explored by nursing practitioners. The Article identifies osteoporosis as a major problem not only in Europe and America but also in Asia and China in particular. The authors of the article carried out a study to assess the impact of nurse-initiated education on the prevention of osteoporosis. The women in the study were given information by nursing practitioners on the non-pharmacological methods of preventing osteoporosis. These methods were calcium and vitamin D consumption, exposure to sunlight and exercising. The Article’s main theme was that a nurse-based educational program can be quite informative and can also influence behavioral and attitudinal changes. The authors tried to verify this hypothesis by carrying out a study on a group of women from two beauty clinics in Hong Kong. The women were randomly selected and divided into two groups of 38 each. To ensure that no other factors were taken into consideration, the women were required to meet certain standards.

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            The women selected were non-smokers and they did not have any chronic ailments such as heart disease or renal failure. None of the women were pregnant nor were they participating in any weight loss program. The data used to make the findings was collected through questionnairs given before and after the education program by the nurses. The authors also relied on data from studies carried out by other authors. The authors reached the conclusion that the awareness program conducted by nurses on the methods of prevention of osteoporosis was successful. This meant that people changed their attitudes and lifestyles based on the information they were given. The authors however identified that their study was limited to only a small number of people who were not diverse in their characteristics. They recommended that future studies should include a more diversified group to have more accurate results.


            The Article presents a very interesting topic that is of benefit to both nursing practitioners as well as consumers of healthcare. A nurse-initiated education program is one of the ways in which nurses can better improve their education on certain health issues such as osteoporosis and also serve their community better. The topic presents us with the fact that some diseases are preventable if the public has the right information. The study in the article shows that most people do not have the knowledge they require to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle. It also shows that the public trusts nursing practitioners to give them the correct information on health issues. This kind of educaation will also help healthcare consumers to dispel certain myths about certain diseases and save lives. The awareness programs can be conducted by nurses through presentations in schools, senior centers, community groups and other institutions.

            In many cases it has been witnessed that people do not know the simple ways in which they can help prevent certain serious illnesses. For instance, if a person suffering from poor eyesight knew there was a simple remedy such as consumption of vitamin A then it would be easy for him to take measures to improve his eyesight, in the comfort of his home. It would even be more reassuring for him or her if this advice came from a nursing practitioner who is deemed to be an expert in the field. It was important for the ideas in the Article to be published because they enlightened many on the ways of preventing osteoporosis as well as giving suggestions that can be applied for other diseases. As a registered nurse I would try to inform patient on the simple ways in which they can improve their health. This is more so for the lifestyle diseases such as obesity. It would be best if such diseases could be prevented instead of using millions of dollars in treatment. The Article has also shown that the impact of nurses on healthcare consumers is far-reaching and is definitely something to be explored.


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