Free Custom «Personal Philosophy of Nursing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal Philosophy of Nursing» Essay Paper

My personal philosophy for nursing revolves around making my profession a fulfilling experience for both myself and the patient through provision of quality nursing care and knowledge improvement. Making nursing a fulfilling experience to me involves a continuous search for knowledge in the practice of nursing in order to improve my profession and benefit my patients. In the practice of nursing, I believe that the patient is always the centre of attention. This understanding is based on the fact that without the patient, including all the extraneous variables, there is no fulcrum for the practice of nursing; that is nurse-patient relationship (Kozier, 2008). The goal of nursing is, therefore, the optimization of the patient’s health through the whole health continuum.

All efforts should be channeled towards achieving the patients’ well-being, providing quality care, as well as managing and treating the underlying disease condition. As nurses, I believe that we should be able to perceive patients from a holistic point of view and appropriately intervene so as to positively influence their medical, physical, psychological, and spiritual health (Kollad, 2006). To fully achieve this end, I have embraced a holistic view of nursing as both an art and a science. Nursing as an art involves caring for the patient; this plays a central role in all successful nursing experiences and it is the reason why I embrace it. On the other hand, nursing as a science equips one with the technical resourcefulness that improves the art of caring for a patient. I find it very important and fulfilling to embrace nursing from the two perspectives. This is because they complement each other and enable the provision of quality therapeutic care.

I also believe in cooperative working with other nurses and healthcare providers for the benefit of the patient. I appreciate the fact that a collaborative working experience provides an opportunity where challenges can be shared and overcome during the provision of nursing care. When nurses work together for the common interest of a patient, they are able to exchange experiences and knowledge concerning proper and appropriate ways of dealing with problems that arise when taking care of the patient. They are also able to encourage each other during difficult times, such as the loss of a patient who is under their care. Therefore, the nursing society and the way it handles itself plays a significant role in the provision of quality therapeutic care for the patient (Kozier, 2008).

I also believe that it is the role of nurses to ensure that the physical surrounding of a patient is clean and serene since it greatly contributes to the comfort of the patient. I’m also for the creation of an enabling environment where there is a free nurse-patient interaction. As a nurse, I should be able to encourage, support, and update patients on their progress besides the usual administration of drugs. Constant encouragement and support plays a big role in reducing the mental anguish that many patients go through as a result of stress, anxiety about their condition, and depression (Kollad, 2006). This is especially true for the patients with terminal illnesses.

When delivering nursing care to patients, I also believe in taking great care to consider the ethical and moral values of the profession and the patient. Being ethical more or less means observing the moral values. Most often, codes of ethics are written at work places and they guide the conduct and behavior of nurses. As a nurse, I have made it a routine to follow the ethical rules that are involved in nursing care. I always remember and put into effect the ethical rules involved in nursing care through treating patients with respect, acknowledging their feelings and emotions, respecting there treatment decisions as well as their linguistic and cultural background, and closely paying attention to patients’ nonverbal and verbal clues (LaSala, 2009).

As a nurse, it is my moral and ethical duty to handle each patient with dignity and provide care for each of them accordingly. In this respect, the primary commitment of nurses which I adhere to is the respect of a patient’s autonomy. I always respect the decision of a patient to receive or reject nursing care as his or her autonomy. By respecting patients’ opinions and decisions regarding the nursing care process, I give them an opportunity to have a strong participation in their care. It gives them the autonomy to choose what is best for them in terms of care delivery (LaSala, 2008). It is also another way of promoting collaboration between the nurses and the patients. However, there are certain circumstances in which a patient is incapacitated and is believed to be incapable of making decisions regarding his or her care. In such a situation, I rely on beneficence and non-maleficence in providing care for the patient. These terms more or less mean acting in good faith for the benefit of the patient and that is what I always observe in my practice of nursing care.

I chose nursing because it is a selfless act of caring for others in order to support their healing. It is more or less like a calling. Besides providing competent care that is in line with the laid down nursing guidelines, nursing also involves the exercise of compassion and understanding towards the patients who are receiving the nursing care. When I started my course in nursing, I used to think that it simply meant giving a certain patient a due health care. I’m now convinced that nursing is a way of giving back to the society. There is more to healing of a person than just medicine. Interacting with a person on a spiritual level is a way of showing this person that I truly care. I have realized that this level of interaction has a therapeutic effect of developing trust between the patient and me, thereby helping in the healing process of the patient. This has made the practice of nursing very enjoyable and fulfilling to me. There is no greater joy than knowing that I am helping somebody regain his or her health. Therefore, I view the ability to use my knowledge, skills, and competencies in nursing as priceless since I am able to assist patients attain quality of life, well-being, health, or peaceful death.



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