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Patient Care

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Having worked at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital for three years as a rehabilitation nurse on the Spinal Cord Unit, the following has influenced my career and my decision to continue with my education in the nursing field:

Having been deployed in the spinal cord unit as a rehab nurse, I have been able to interact with patients suffering from various complications of the spinal cord and administering appropriate medical therapies to them. In the course of practicing medical responsibilities assigned to me as a rehabilitation nurse in the spinal cord unit of the hospital, I have faced lots of challenges including complicated cases of injuries to the spinal cord from various patients. I have also witnessed several cases of spinal cord infections which are just too complex to establish the possible or exact causes. It is these challenges that have influenced my career and my decision to continue with my education in this field of study. Such challenges have been my major source of motivation to advance my educational background in the field with more emphasis on research related assignments for discovery of the complexity of these challenges.

By practicing patient care as a nurse in the Spinal Cord Unit at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, I have been able to witness lots of sad incidences where many people have lost their lives simply because of ignorance on the part of doctors. I have seen many patients undergo lots of pain with no substantial help and some have even become disabled in the process simply because of late diagnosis of the problem. With such issues in place, I have been highly touched and motivated not to quit this particular career and instead seek more knowledge (education advancement) so that I can be at a better position to help patients with spinal cord complications.     

Buy custom Patient Care essay paper cheap

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