Free Custom «Nursing Shortage» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Nursing Shortage» Essay Paper

This is a situation where hospitals have a shortage of nurses over a span of time, it is also where the demand for registered and skilled nurses and does not suit the numbers on patients and health centres. The nurses are more or less the backbone of the medical sector as they take care of the ailing and giving them hope and implement and give dosage to prescriptions. However despite all this, it is seen that they are undermined and are having very poor pay and living conditions compared to the work that they do. At times they are seen as inferior and are not accorded their due justice for their hard work. There are several factors that contribute to the shortage is lack of job satisfaction which they are over worked and not well paid. They do not have job satisfaction and so would opt to have different kinds of jobs that are not as tiresome and still see them through the various cycles of life.

Nurses have very poor working conditions which can even expose them to disease and there little or no compensation if they are infected and could even lose their jobs which are their only source of income. Staff ratio is also an import in the aspects of harmonization of salaries and other staff members of the hospitals. Nurses are often downsized in the aspects of them being in a situation that they are not seen as literates or are often treated as inferiors because their work involves them doing very dirty work but for the benefit of the patients. Retention and more training of the staff to make sure that there is an improved and enlightenment of the persons in new ideas in the medical sector.

There should also be an advanced program of replacing the pressures of work by ensuring that there is proper rotation of the persons on duty to avoid excessive fatigue which can create an instance of mistake. Resources are to be evenly distributed in the medical institutions and assist in the stability of hospitals of finances, purchase of food staffs and payments of the subordinates. Nursing is aimed at improving the health of the patients and to achieve this justice, respect and trust in the management has to be implemented to enhance the very system if being in a medically fit environment that also ensure that there is a proper working relation with the staff because this are very crucial arms of medicine to be conflicting. Lack of enrollment to the nursing school means that there is a lower number of nurses going to the market.

Aging of the stuff and no new ones into the sector means that the current population will not handle the number of nurses who are ordinarily meant to handle a smaller number of patients (Trossman, 2002). Nurses in the United States are mostly aged forty-six years or more with the younger generation not being in the field. Decker, Wheeler et al, 2001. A high RN turnover also contributes to the low number of nurses.

Working visas on the employment are a bit restricted by the US to avoid immigrants from saturating the medical industry which badly needs nurses. Nursing has for the longest time been referred as female job and now they are getting better job opportunities than nursing and taking them up. Lack of respect from physicians makes the nurses refuses to do the work of their line of training. Nursing shortage has several effects which include high patient mortality rate for persons with chronic disease, spread of infection leading to pandemics. A migration too wealthier state creates a shortage.

Nurse's shortage can be solved by the employment on contractual basis to ensure that that there are always nurses in hospitals and provide jobs to the unemployed. Improving on the education sector will also assist in making persons enroll in nursing school as there are good prospects in nursing. Nurses should be allowed to work in any unit of the hospitals. Increase of job security will make the trained nurses work as they are sure of their jobs in case of anything. Better pay will also assist persons in the liking their jobs and want to remain in the field.



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