Free Custom «Nursing Leadership and Management Styles» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Nursing Leadership and Management Styles» Essay Paper

Nurses are reliable of engaging themselves in wide range of leadership and management skills to ensure that they bring sanity in their demanding jobs. They are supposed to adopt naturally effective leadership skills that will enable them deliver quality service in their daily routine as discussed by Bondas, 2006, Paths to nursing leadership. Journal of Nursing Management.

In this article, the leadership in the nursing field is out to develop nurses to carry out their functions in a safe and supportive environment. Thus, they ensure that the leadership activities are directed towards developing a more competes personnel by practice-based method.

One of the key methods that can be useful in nurse leadership skill and management is mentorship. They should develop coaching and supervision as their core value. This enhances emotional support to their partners reducing exhaustion that may result to negative effects in their job.

In an encounter that I had, a senior nurse always took time with the nurses who were getting to a certain shift in mentoring them. He always recorded the activity that he has carried to a learning log to ensure that records are kept for future reference. He used to do this to promote confidence and create a supportive environment in the job.

A clinical management should foster support to their workers and their client through emotional responsibility, motivation and complete understanding of relationship between the patient and the staff. This is well acquired by profession socialization. This learning process is held in a working environment where the junior nurses are subjected to it to give them opportunity for self-development.

According to the set up that the senior nurse had, he ensured that he made the junior nurses to raise their opinions, beliefs and show their altitude on their roles as nurse in an organized pen forum. His aim was to develop competent nurses in the future as he transmitted appropriate profession values in answering their questions.



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