Free Custom «Nursing Education» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Nursing Education» Essay Paper

Without doubt, there is a growing need to improve nursing education. In order to bring changes in the nursing arena, it is necessary to execute both, long-term and short term strategies aimed at alleviating key issues. Formulation and implementation of the long-term and short term strategies should focus on realizing changes within the nursing education faculty. Improvements in the nursing education will involve stakeholders, training nurses for physician’s role, political pressures, impact of using on-line educations and strategies for analysis national cost/benefit solutions.

Stakeholders play a significant role in nursing education; they therefore, have various contributions on the improvements that will enhance positive results in the domestic healthcare system. Teaching of nursing education is by the faculty that is responsible for the employment of personnel who should deliver quality education.Case that mainly need improvement in within the faculty is changing of the curricula, quality of services offered by educators, determining the entry mark for pursuing nursing courses, regulate teaching methods that enhance students focus on the patient. Faculty should ensure that the nursing students have all the equipment to handle the patients in the health care facilities.

In terms of the quality of health care services, Board of Registered Nurses is responsible as it deals with the issuance of a license to practicing nurses it therefore, regulates nurses who practice. It should therefore, have measures to enhance employment of qualified nurses to practice. Federal government and states are also stakeholders as they give aids to students who are pursuing nursing education. The recent experiences of nurses’ shortages enlighten the government to increase its subsidy in order to increase the number of nurses.

Nurse’s lack of quality education as it does not demand practices disqualifies majority of the nursing trainees from acting as physicians. Evidence indicates a tendency where there exist a gap between the practice in a health care institutions and education gap. Introduction of amendments to fill the gap that makes it difficult for nursing education to be at par with the drastic changes is crucial therefore, research and new technology need to take place immediately. Improvements in terms of introducing students to teachings that keep students focused on patient’s experience are necessary for acquisition of practical skills.

Nursing trainees should carry out support an evidence-based practice and not theory. Therefore, faculty needs resources in order to stay clinically equipped. Since nursing education requires a lot of concentration and guidance, there is a need to add the number of faculty members who are able to assist students. Students interested in nursing courses will have to undergo an introduction to nursing at an earlier stage during their education. In order to train nurses to get the practical experience, a fully integrated classroom and clinical teachings will ensure production of qualified nurses who can attend to patients as physicians.

Politics plays a significant part in dictating the structure and running of the nursing colleges and universities. Notably, the lack of political equality together with its main cause has tilted the delivery of health care services from a nursing model that involves care and compassion to based model on science. Political pressures will always come up mainly from the government since it must contribute a lot to the advancement of improving nursing education. Funds needed in enrolment of more faculty members to assist students in getting proper skills in nursing will come from the government. In addition, the government both in the federal and state will need to increase funding to students pursuing nursing courses besides improving the facilities needed for practical clinic lessons.

On-line education is a new technology that allows students to perform their assignments and carry out research with the aid of computers and internet services. Nursing education is currently using on-line education to train the students as it reduces paper work. It is more efficient as the students can carry out their assignments at any time and forward it to the lectures who give them feedback immediately. On-line data have got lots of information that is usually hard to access it manually. In addition, it assists a lot in making the best decisions on cases of learning diseases or drugs to prescribe. On-line education is also beneficial as individuals can learn from anywhere they can access the computer and the internet that makes learning faster. On the other contrary, on-line education will not give a lot of practical experience that brings about improvement of the quality of services and care.

In order to obtain unbiased information based on the national cost/ benefit solutions, the use of cost-benefit analysis strategy is appropriate. Cost-benefit analysis strategy involves assessing the costs incurred in the implementation of the program in terms of the benefits accrued. This unbiased strategy uses no precise formula to arrive at an appropriate solution. The cost of the project appraisal is in monetary terms, whereas the benefits cannot be benched marked against monetary terms Cost-benefit analysis strategy involves the access of information from the ground then translating it into the most likely outcome. The project is viable if results are positive whereas, else the benefits accrued would less than the cost incurred.

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Indeed, changes in order to improve nursing education are critical. By improving the nursing education stakeholders have a guarantee that nurses will offer quality services and care. Even as institutions undergo changes emphasis on selecting suitable measures of improving the quality of nursing education is necessary. With no doubt, it is certain that investment in the nursing education is beneficial to all members of the community, as it ensures efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of health care services. All stakeholders, therefore, should lay out strategies that will improve the quality of nursing education.



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