Free Custom «Nursing Education: Behaviors with Simulation» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Nursing Education: Behaviors with Simulation» Essay Paper

           Evaluation on every course, whether practical or theoretical is an important ingredient in knowing the level of skills that students attain in their learning. It is therefore imperative that every student in the nursing profession should be evaluated on his or her simulation skills. The pass or fail grade gained from the simulation examination is not only unprofessional, but unethical as well. Simulation is the closest thing to the practical experience-nursing student to the interaction with patients and if no evaluation is done to prove the mastery of this skill, then this obviously endangers the lives of the patients.                                                                                                                        

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  Human beings like shortcuts and nursing students are no exception. If nursing students get an opportunity to attain their college qualification without much toiling, that is the route they will take. The very fact that there is minimal or no evaluation on the simulation skills, individual students only strive to get a passing grade on this course unit. The worse thin g is that just few weeks after students pass such an exam, they cannot remember a thing on the simulation and practical skills on such units. This is in spite of the fact that practical knowledge is the key ingredient in the nursing profession.                                                                                                                              

     The syllabus drafters should therefore redraft the course content of the nursing profession to ensure that simulation and practical examination are not evaluated fully, but that more research on the same should be carried out. In nursing, there is very little research done on the outcomes and effectiveness when using simulations and simulators (Sanford, 2010). It is also imperative to ensure that the education system, not only for nursing, strives to be in skill acquisition as opposed to exams passing and attaining of passing grades. If this is implemented then the students of School of Nursing approach to simulation with laissez-faire will be stopped. This is because simulation as a component of the laboratory with a pass or fail grade and no evaluation of technical skills in the simulation will be changed to become just the opposite.


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