Free Custom «Nursing Cirrculm Design» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Nursing Cirrculm Design» Essay Paper


In resent past,variouse communities have raised their concern about employing surfficient nurses to staff their health care facilities.This is due to the fact that currently shortage of nurses have been realized in variouse hospitals where most of the patients go unattended .Therefore,healthcare still persist to shift beyond the hospital to most of the communities based on primary care to other outpetient sectors.

Therefore,my reaction to the question ‘’whether nursing courses should be integrated throughout the 4 years of a BSN or only taken in the last two years of the BSN’’.I therefore in full support that nursing courses should be integrated throughout the 4 years of a BSN.I will point out several factors that justify the facts of this motion. Nurses have always remained confused on how to begin this process and the reasons for integration is not hard to point out.

Most of them fear the end results should the request be rejected, some fear being seen as demanding yet some feel that integration is a decision that belongs to the superiors. This issue is well demonstrated by Gwele,(2005)  in stating that “Asking for integration is often intimidating and sometimes terrifying for nurses new to the workforce in that people often question when and who they should ask”

The importance of integration has increased with time and the need to properly manage nurses is becoming a central focus within nursing courses today. This has precipitated competition amongst various nursing schools seeking to portray the best skills in nurses’ management. Reward systems within nursing schools are always based on how one’s value to the integration of nursing courses. excellence in nursing courses intgration pursuit is dependent on the interplay of a number of factors that includes the ability to relate the topic of study to relevant nursing course.

First,nursing courses require higher level of discipline and humility to acredit their course work.In addition to the above,the profession of nursing I believe gives ample time for value based education and this can only be achieved though integration throughout the 4 years of a BSN.Integration of nursing courses will not only explore their own attitude or personal quality but also will depict human dignity,truth and justice (Harvan and Jensen,2009)

The specific areas of focus of nursing course integration are:

v  Early intervention and prevention

v  Frontline practice

v  Transparency and accountability

v  Local safeguarding of nursing boards

The immediate physical effects of integration  abuse or neglect may be seen as minor and in most instances neglected and the long term effects may be too grave to deprive nursing courses intgration the ability to lead a responsible and normal future life. According to Keating,S.B.(2010), states thatclassroom discussions and written assignments on the topic of values provides and early and sure opportunity for faith integration”this is to demonstrate that nurses can only help others and meet their needs through integration.

Another important factor of nursing courses  integration  is that it provides exploration of human needs  such as water,shelter,fresh air, addition to the a bove,physiological needs such as freedom,rest,esthetics,equality and sexual expression is well exercised though integration.In conlution, I will stay on the main objective tosupport the integration of nursing courses.



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