Free Custom «Nursing Care Model» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Nursing Care Model» Essay Paper


The different nursing models observed are meant to observe the relationship exercised between the nursing systems observed. The nursing practice is redesigned in a manner that will complement the objectives set at different hospitals (Institute of Medicine, 2004). Innovation is an important aspect that is observed in the process of redesigning the practice.  This is used to make sure that the patients will be able to receive good services and the relationship between the nurses and the patients is more defined as well (Kalb, 2007). The different models applied by the hospitals are able to be set apart by the management deployed by the institution and the innovation strategy applied in the practice as well. However, despite the innovations or structural adjustments made, the ANA code of ethics has to be constantly observed in order to deliver the services according to the rules. Therefore, this paper aims to look at the nursing models observed at my workplace in relation to the ANA code of ethics.

My workplace is keen on improving the nursing models that are commonly observed by other hospitals.  Therefore, has taken on a rather innovative approach in the model of the nursing care practiced at the institution. However, despite the fact that the management is based on improving the models, the ANA code of ethics are highly observed. This way, the safety of the patients is guaranteed and the reputation of the hospital is maintained as well.  The model of nursing care requires all the nurses to exercise commitment to the patient, a group of individuals or a family.  This is important in the code of ethics and it is exercised through the management system. The traditional supervision method is not used but rather self management is deployed based on the unit level and this makes sure that the nurses exercise competence in their unit.  

Respect for human dignity

The ANA (2001) code of ethics dictates that the nurses should be able to cater to the patients accordingly and at the same time make sure that the health of the patient is protected and the rights of the patient are well observed in the hospital. The code of ethics states, "the nurse, in all professional relationships, practices with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness of every individual, unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status, personal attributes, or the nature of health problems" (ANA, 2001) This way the patients are guaranteed to receive a good care form the nurses and ion turn respect is developed for human dignity depending on the relationship exercised (Kalb, 2007).

Relationships to patients

The workplace policy requires the nurses to maintain a professional relationship with the patients. The model of care nursing regulates the relationship evident between the nurse and the patient (Thompson et al, 2000).  As much as the nurse is required to provide good care for the patient and make sure that their health safety is guaranteed, the emotional attachments are not allowed as they might be difficult for one to cope with (Institute of Medicine, 2004). Therefore, a nurse is required to restrict themselves from any emotional relationships with the patients.

Relationships with colleagues and others

The aspect of self management is useful in the hospital as the nurses are able to conduct themselves in an orderly manner and relate with each other at a professional level. The ANA (2001) code of ethics dictates that a social yet professional environment should be maintained in the nursing environment.

Conforms and supports patient safety standards

The hospital observes the use of a contract where the nurses sign a contract between them and the hospital.  In the contract the nurses agree with the idea of providing 24 hour care to the patients in the hospital based on the unit.  This in turn is awarded with the aspect of self management in the same unit; other benefits are also enjoyed by the nurses including the salary allowances and the shared costs in the unit. This model highly relates with the Johns Hopkins Professional Practice Model (Jacobs, 2000).


In general, the nursing ethics are dictated by ANA (2001) code of ethics and the nursing model observed at my workplace is according to the ethics. The aspect of innovation is highly observed as advancing the nursing practice is one of the main objectives. Therefore, self management is highly regarded as a guide to help initiate the process in the nursing model.



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