Free Custom «Nursing - A Challenging Career» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Nursing - A Challenging Career» Essay Paper

Since I was young, I have always dreamt of giving back what nature has given me. My passion to serve other people was overwhelming, and it drove me to identify a channel in which I will achieve my dream. It was not until my mother told me that a career in nursing which I have always desired to pursue will give me a platform for serving others, which I realized that it was the channel I was after. Besides the love to offer emotional support and help others through all means, and finding the human body and nature fascinating, I also approach nursing as a discipline holistically. These have made nursing one of the interesting disciplines in my world.

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Although the passion of serving others is a noble idea, it is also demanding in that it requires dedication and total commitment. This made me think hard on how to accomplish the task I have set for myself. I realized that, for success to be achieved, it begins with the inside drive towards what he or she wants to do and the determination towards the same. This was not lacking at all because, from the time I was young, I have always desired to be a nurse. Secondly, I weighed my strengths vis a vs weaknesses in order to identify habits and traits that will inhibit my passion of serving as a nurse. In my analysis, I looked at my strengths, weaknesses as well as interests and hobbies.

Among the strengths I have is self confidence, which is a, vital tool in any discipline, hardworking, punctuality and determination. If a person lacks these traits, then success in whichever field will be a mirage. Fortunately, my parents helped me nurture them since I was young. Moreover, I have faltered in many assignments, but I do not throw in the towel. In fact, I just love my ability to find my feet again and learn from these failures and mistakes. In the past, I have been part of organizing several events in different places, which have turned out, to be successful. Furthermore, I am also highly energetic, give full commitment to any work I set to do. Last but not least, I love to learn new things from other people and scenarios.

In my evaluation, I also found out that I have some weaknesses which might hinder my career. For instance, I dedicate much of my time to work and forget to keep a balance between work and social life. Seccondly, my patience is wanting because when I set out to do something, I want it done at once. Finally, I tend to go to any length to see to it that I have helped a person. These are areas I have realized I am weak in; however, I am working to improve on them. Although some of these traits may be termed as weak, they have positive effects on my passion. Discussing weaknesses and strengths without mentioning hobbies will be suicidal. This is because the three go hand in hand in checking the success of an individual in any field. The hobbies I engage myself are reading, swimming, watching television, and spending quality time with my family.

Having only the passion to serve in a professional field like nursing is not enough. It takes knowledge and skills in order to be effective. The latter, is possible now that I have passed the test, and I have been accepted to enroll in a nursing program. This has shown that, with passion and determination, one can tread in any field he or she wants. It is only a short time before I complete the nursing course and serve in my desired discipline. Meanwhile, I am doing what I can to nurse the community.


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