Free Custom «Nurses» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Nurses» Essay Paper

Nurses are the people entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of patients and assist them as they recuperate. To ensure success in the welfare of patients, nurses working in different units need to work together. A united team can achieve much more in terms of enhancing the patients’ health, ensuring they are safe and also recover as soon as possible. In order to achieve such unity, the nursing manager has to coordinate and supervise how the nurses interact. It is also important to develop powerful leadership skills in nurses. This is because as Mahoney said that anyone who is responsible for giving assistance to others is considered a leader (Smith, 2011).

There are various leadership styles that can be applied by nurses. One such style is democratic style of leadership. A nurse leader who applies this style normally engages her/his nurses in making decisions. This also involves letting them work without major interference in their work or rather ordering them around. This ensures that they work efficiently while at ease without fears of being harshly judged for whatever they do. If someone is not at ease, they are bond to make mistakes. This is very dangerous when it comes to nurses because they are entrusted with people’s lives and a small mistake would cost a patient’s life (Betty Ackley , Gail Ladwig, 2010).

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The other style of leadership is autocratic. This kind of leadership seeks total control of matters in an organization. If a nurse exerts a lot of force on her/his subordinates, they are bound to work inefficiently. Such kind of leadership can only be applied on less experienced nurses who need to be given instructions from time to time. But in most cases it creates an uncomfortable working environment (Nightingale, 1999).

The most appropriate style is situational leadership style. This involves applying the most appropriate style depending on the situation. One of the nurse leaders encountered applied this style where she seemed to be very dynamic to the current situation. The style was vey effective to the whole team of nurses.


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