Free Custom «Nurse Practitioner» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Nurse Practitioner» Essay Paper

The field of nursing Practitioner although still new is gaining a lot of fame as the practitioners are seen as the replacements to the doctors. However, one thing that is not certain is the way that the practitioners are equipped to take on the challenge of treating the patients. Doctors are seen as ignorant and this is one of the factors that have made the field of nursing practitioner grow so much. However, it is evident that the challenge that is presented by the field is so immense and this is the part where there is need to come out with strategies to test the proficiency of the nurses. The matter of proficiency started gaining fame when it was presupposed that the practitioners would be the best alternative from the doctors. However, one factor stood forth and that is that the experiences that the doctors have cannot in any way be compared to the level of expertise that the nurses present. This matter took root in the late 2000s and is still a consistent matter of debate (Sullivan, 2009, para. 2).                       

A Statement of the Problem

The problem with substituting the doctors with the practitioners is that is not possible to be certain that the practitioners will give the kind of services that the doctors can give. This in return will risk the lives of many citizens as there is no direct guarantee that their lives are safe. Even though the doctors tend to be more expensive and less concerned about the minor patients, it is not the sole reason that the nurse practitioners can be used to substitute them. The problem is evident and it is that the nurses cannot be fully trusted due to costs and care that they are perceived to be giving and are better than the doctors (Rosenthal, 2010, p. 23).     

A Statement of the Purpose

The purpose of identification of this problem is to find a way in which this problem can be tackled in order to give out the best services to the industry and uphold the nursing job. The other purpose is to find the competency that the nurses have that can be used to get rid of the expensive and less caring doctors.  

Brief Discussion of the Significance of the Problem

The problem is quite significant since due to it, there are many effects that have been felt in the profession. First, there have risen shoddy nurses since it has become hard to identify the real practitioners from the fake ones. This problem has further led to the increase in the costs of the doctor’s fee as they are perceived to be better placed. This is a serious matter since with the rapid increase in the number of shoddy practitioners the lives of the innocent citizens are is always put at risk and this means that the matter is urgent and needs to be reviewed. The other matter that has risen from this sporadic increase is the fact that with the increase there has risen corrupt ways in which the nurses can gain favor to do practice their services (Aktan, 2010, p. 104). It is evident that the nursing field is a very important one and therefore since it touches on the human life it should be preserved and be one of the utmost taken care of fields.




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