Free Custom «Model of Nursing Care» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Model of Nursing Care» Essay Paper

In the past years, the field of Nursing Care Delivery has undergone remarkable changes, with each change focusing on improving and advancing the eminence of nursing care the patients get in healthcare institutions. These changes have been introduced in new models, which improve the quality of nursing care delivery. In any institution, changes come with varied impacts, and this is the same case with nursing. The changes have had different influences on the people working in the nursing departments, such as staffing, nursing interventions, and patient outcomes (Marram, 1976). In this paper, we will discuss the team nursing model and explore the impact it has on patient and nurse satisfaction.

Team nursing refers to the movement of various members who come together to deliver better nursing services. This model is a decentralized system which distributes the care of patient amongst members of a group working in synchronized effort. Team nursing works in such a way that a Registered Nurse (RN), who serves as a team leader, works with Registered Nurses (RNs), Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAPS), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and together they provide quality patient care. For this model to be effective, the team leader needs to be proficient in care management and delegation, because he or sh assigns duties, instructs team members in details of care, and schedules care. Communication is effective in team nursing through conferences held at the beginning and end of every shift. These conferences permit members to exchange information and the team leader to make any necessary changes in the nursing care plan for any patient. From the past records, team nursing model has improved patient satisfaction and the users believe it promotes productivity (Marquis & Huston, 2009). The leading elements behind the effectiveness of this model are to find the right staff mix and adequate supply of both assistive and licensed personnel.

The application of this model reflects high respect for human dignity in such a way that every patient has his/her own delivery plan. The focus of the entire model is on a patient, and it offers improved services since different people attend to the patient. Since every member in the care plan has duties towards the patient, there are no chances of a member having several responsibilities, which may make the nurse overlook the dignity of the patient. In addition, the model improves the relationship of the patient and the nurses. The patient will know which nurse plays what role in the provision of delivery services, and hence there is no possibility of overlapping duties.

The drawing of a care plan for each patient emphasizes the excellent relationship that will grow between the patients and the nurses (Mayer, Madden & Lawrenz, 1990). This relationship significantly improves through the daily assessments of the patients and the fact that the health status of the patient is a responsibility of many people. In terms of the colleague relationship, the model ensures that every member acknowledges the skills and experience of the other members, and hence it creates a better working environment for everyone. A better working relationship between the nurses further improves, because each member has a chance to teach and learn from their colleagues in the conferences. The model also reduces the gap between non-professionals and professionals, because the main goal of the group effort is triumph (Blank, Mahony & Selwyn, 2007).

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The presence of a wide variety of nursing care delivery models makes it difficult for nurses to choose which model to work with and, therefore, they end up working in a system without any boundaries and definition. The most noteworthy thing for the nurses is to ensure that the model in use puts a patient’s health at the fore front and that the nursing services are professional. Team nursing is nowadays widely employed due to its numerous advantages.


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