Free Custom «Model of Nursing Care and Patient Safety» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Model of Nursing Care and Patient Safety» Essay Paper


American Nurses association (ANA) is an organization that was started in 1896 as the Nurses Associated Alumnae but was later renamed American Nurses Association in 1911 and it's a professional organization that is intended to advance and protect the profession of nursing. Its head quarters are based in Silver Spring, Maryland. The organization represents registered nurses in the United States through the 54 constituent member associations. The organization is involved in establishing standards to be used by practicing nurses, promotion of the rights of nurses in the work place and to help in advancing both the economic and general welfare of its members.

The organization is constituted of three subsidiary organizations: the American Nurses Credentialing centre which is concerned with credentialing nurse sin their areas of specialty as well as the facilities that exhibit excellence in nursing practice, American Academy of Nursing which mainly serves the public and nursing profession through advancement of the organizations policy by generating ,synthesizing and disseminating the nursing knowledge and finally the American Nurses Foundation which is the charitable and philanthropic arm of the organization.

A registered nurse in all professional undertakings is by all means possible expected to adhere to the standard code of ethics that are stipulated by the American Nurses Association which is responsible for creation of the same. Such ethics include practicing nursing with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worthiness and uniqueness of every individual without being restricted by social, economic, personal considerations or even health concerns.

Respect for human dignity

The model of nursing care is practiced in the workplace as stipulated in the ANA Nursing Code of Ethics regarding the respect of human dignity as nurses treat patients indiscriminately and don't discriminate on what type of patients they handle. Every patient is given utmost considerations regardless if their individual variations like even patients who are hot tempered and often abuse these nurses are not neglected just because they are vulgar. Such h treatment given by the nurses demonstrates that they have respect for human dignity as a patient is a patient despite the personal uniqueness that they have.

The behaviour of nurse giving their patients health records absolute confidentiality to others outside the profession of nursing illustrates that they respect the human dignity which demands that persons demand confidentiality when it comes to very personal issues like secrets which is a fundamental for humanity. This means that nurses respect the value the life of every patient and thus the portrayal of characters that is inline with the human rights.

Relationships to patients

Nurses in the workplace gives a consideration to the personal preferences of the patients especially when it regard to issues of religion, lifestyle or even system of values and this is evident when patients are admitted and have to carry out routine activities while in the hospital. Nurses allow individual for instance to carry out prayers without restrictions as that is a human right which patients are entitled. Also nurses consider such personal preferences when planning for the appropriate meals and other human needs which tend to vary with individuals.

Relationships with colleagues and others

The nurses at the work place interacted with colleagues and others people in a compassionate and caring way making sure that they are not agreed or made to compromise the code of ethic when faced with situation like an abusive person. They act impartially by treating everyone fairly and with utmost respect even at the cost of their own dignity. The nurses where mainly interested in preserving the integrity of others as well as offering solutions to problems like confrontations or even in event of an outburst.


The nurses in the work place were found to be operating professionally and according to the Model of Nursing Care and Patient Safety that is stipulated by the ANA code of ethics especially with regards to respect for human dignity, and their relationships with patients, colleagues and other persons that they interact with at their workplace.



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