Free Custom «Midwifery Knowledge and Practice» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Midwifery Knowledge and Practice» Essay Paper

Midwifery is a profession in the field of healthcare where pregnant women are taken care of during their pregnancy period, through their labor and child birth, and thereafter during the period of postpartum. The newborn babies are also cared for up to around six weeks old while assisting the mother with breastfeeding and the best ways of doing it. The practitioners of midwifery are called midwives and it refers to the practitioners of both sexes although it commonly refers to the female practitioners (Bernstein 2009).

Care Plan for Alana and Jake to Optimize Breastfeeding Success

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This care plan is a recommendation to Alana and Jake her son who does not like breastfeeding and therefore is to be put on the bottle but was unsuccessful because he could not attach when it was tried out. Jake is big enough that seemingly Alana the mother may not be able to produce enough milk for him. This care plan will help her optimize the success of breast feeding Jake (WHO 1998).

A written breast feeding policy should be maintained well by Alana’s midwife. Alana should make sure that the policy is implemented by inquiring from the midwife whether she is well trained and is versed with the skills for implementing the breast feeding policy (French 1986). A program to train Alana on the importance, benefits and how to manage breast feeding should be initiated by the midwife (Towler & Bramall 1986). Alana should be helped to initiate breastfeeding within one hour by being shown how to do it and how she can maintain lactation. Alana should be advised not to put Jake on the bottle unless advised otherwise by the doctor. She should practice staying with Jake for the whole day and try unrestrictedly breast feed him. No artificial nipples or pacifiers should be given to Jake and should join a breast feeding support group once out of the postnatal ward.


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