Free Custom «Interview on Leadership Roles in Nursing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Interview on Leadership Roles in Nursing» Essay Paper

Leadership is significant to managing patients in achieving maximum clinical outcomes (Kantor 87). Based on the above fact, different management levels in the nursing industry have been created, with the basic aim of improving service delivery to the patients. This paper critically assesses the different leadership roles played by nurses at Pluto Healthcare, an institution based in Georgia USA.

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Leadership roles of Charge Nurse

Roles and what the qualifications

To understand the roles of Charge Nurse, an interview was conducted to Mrs. Jane Peterson, who is the Charge Nurse in Pluto healthcare. From the interview, it was clear that a charge nurse is the one responsible for administration of nurses within the hospital, clinic or in the doctors office. This particular position requires a person with strong abilities of multitasking, as well as high understanding of the entire medical industry. A charge nurse is responsible for supervising nursing staffs, planning budgets, establishing work schedules and maintaining medical supply inventories (Miller 56).

Type of training

            For Mrs. Jane and other charge nurses working in different organisations, one must have acquired a bachelors’ degree in the field of nursing, as well as completing all examinations in order to establish as an RN (Registered Nurse). After completing some years as an RN, then one may apply for the position of charge nurse.

Challenges, roadblocks and successes

It is evident that performing managerial and administrative duties may end up taking all the time for a charge nurse. The position still calls for regular check on documentation and patient’s progress. To overcome this, a charge nurse is required to have well scheduled programs, which ensure that all areas have been attended.


One of the successes of Mrs. Jane Peterson is the ability to harmonise the whole workforce in the hospital, thus resulting to high productivity and enhanced care to the patients. The success is attributed to enhance levels of teamwork among all the players in the healthcare.

My own opinion regarding the role

In my own opinion, Mrs. Jane has all the required requirements for this job. The reason is the fact that, patients are able to receive high quality medical care due to improved teamwork, as well as participation of the institution in community work. Having recently graduated from Cambridge University with a bachelor of nursing, these roles are clearly my career goals.

Leadershiproles for Charge Nurse

To understand the roles of Charge Nurse, an interview was conducted to Mr. Isaac Walter, who is the Charge Nurse in Pluto healthcare. From the interview, it was clear that head nurse is the one who oversees the nursing activities in an array of health acre settings, like hospital, clinics and the nursing homes.

Type of training

 For one to qualify for the roles of head nurse, the candidate should be registered as an RN upon completing undergraduate degree and passing licence examinations. In addition to this, the head nurse requires to posses leadership skills and compassionate nature.

Challenges, roadblocks and successes

            In case of lack of staff resources, head nurse are required to undertake normal nursing duties. This poses a major challenge to Mr. Isaac Walter, who is at a time required to carry out the nursing duties despite the other duties.


One of the major successes of Mr. Isaac is ensuring that the patient rooms and wards are comfortable and hygienic, thus ensuring quick recovery of most patients attending this healthcare. He also attributed this success to enhanced teamwork among all the stakeholders, such as suppliers, family members of the patients among others (Noll 300).

My own opinion regarding the role

In my own opinion, Mr. Isaac is competent with his roles as the head nurse due to his qualifications and ability to organize the roles of other nurses working under him. The duties carried out by Mr. Isaac clearly form some of my career goals in the nursing industry.

Leadership roles for director of nursing

To understand the roles of director nurse, an interview was conducted to Mr. Peter Keefe, who is the director of nursing in Pluto healthcare. Director of nursing also referred to as nursing director, is one of the members of nursing executives teams, responsible for overseeing numerous nurse managers and then reports to chief nursing officer. The director develops, evaluates and implements strategic operations in the organisation.

Type of training

The director of nursing must have a bachelor degree in nursing as well as advanced degree in the field of nursing management if possible at master’s levels. In additional, the director of nursing should be a registered nurse and need to have worked in different hospital settings (Dixon 21).

Challenges, roadblocks and successes

One of the challenges facing Mr. Peter is supposed to develop new programmes and ensure that these strategies are in position to enhance current services. Out of these, implementations stage of the policies pose a great challenge, as staffs and stakeholders may not be willing to change as required. This is overcome by goodwill of staffs, hence smooth transition of these changes.


One of the major successes of Mr. Peter is ability to effectively plan regular interactions with the influential Pluto healthcare leaders and clinicians in playing part in enhancing the firms’ values and missions.

My own opinion regarding the role director of nursing

In my own opinion, Mr. Peter, who possesses a Masters’ degree in nursing management, is qualified for the job position. Through his strategic planning, he has transformed the institution, thus creating more profitability.

Leadership roles for Chief Nursing Officer

To understand the roles of Chief Nursing Officer, an interview was conducted to Miss Becky Wagner, who is the Chief Nursing Officer in Pluto healthcare. The main duties of a chief nurse are patient management and administrative duties especially in small hospitals. In large hospitals, they are responsible for managing the nursing staffs and ensuring that staffs have set jobs within structural system (Bass 45).

Type of training

To become a chief nurse, one is required to posses more than five years experience in same field, as well as masters’ degree in public administration or nursing. Further, they require having outstanding negotiation skills in order to maintain multiple departments collaborative and productivity.

Challenges, roadblocks and successes

The main challenges facing this position lies on leading practises, conducting seminars and teaching nurses on emerging issues affecting nursing.  The success of the position is due to teamwork and eagerness to change for most staffs.

My own opinion regarding the role Chief Nursing Officer

In my own opinion, Miss Becky Wagner, who has a master’s degree in public administration, is fully qualified for the job position. She ensured that nurses are well acquitted with emerging issues in the nursing industries, thus creating higher productivity. As result, this makes the position and roles, as one of my future career goals.


In conclusion, one can now clearly distinguish the roles played by different nurses’. This results to effective management, hence better patient care. However, the roles of nursing require a lot of experience and a higher education level. (Laschinger 423). 


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