Free Custom «Global Health Initiative» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Global Health Initiative» Essay Paper

Global health initiative ensures the establishment of ways of managing highly infectious diseases. Tuberculosis is the second-leading infectious disease with a high mortality rate around the world. Tuberculosis management will affect nurses as proper care in surveillance, assessment, treatment and evaluation of activities when treating cases of tuberculosis and management such that it does not spread as it is an infectious disease.

According to Bastable (2008), there is a need to enhance the role of nurses will ensure proper surveillance to reduce the spread of Tuberculosis? As a health care giver, the global health initiative expects the nurses to educate the communities in which they work in through seminars and workshops. Therefore, it gives the nurses a responsibility of being educators in the community in order to sensitize, the community at large.

In addition, there will be a need for the nurses to collaborate with other agencies that are interested in the assessment and control of Tuberculosis spread globally. Thus, the global health initiative expects most of the nurses to engage themselves in research on the development of the treatment models that will ensure patients can get proper treatment. Nurses will be responsible for the implementation of the treatment model as they will directly handle patients. Considerably, this will reduce the spread of Tuberculosis as the areas that are more prone to Tuberculosis will get proper care and service delivery (Dreher, Glasgow & Melnyk, 2010).

Global health initiative oversees that the nurses will not only administer treatment, but expects them to be innovative in the way they manage their patients. Some of the innovative demonstration projects that nurses should come up with include ways of cheering up their patients through organizing parties for them example birthdays. Moreover, the nurses will involve themselves more personally with the patients to gain their trust. Counseling services will also be offered by the nurses in order to help patients to accept their conditions.

While making follow ups, they should consider the effectiveness of the treatment modalities which would be required to be documented.

Instructional materials that the nurse uses when handling the patient, should be free from stereotypical terminology and expression. As the global health initiative, enhances acceptance of Tuberculosis as any other disease that can be cured. Their expectation is to give positive information to the patient in order to boost their confidence and self-esteem as they fight Tuberculosis.

Global health initiative focuses on equal treatment of patients with Tuberculosis without discrimination. Nurses are to handle their clients with fairness, respect and dignity (Tibayrenc, 2007). It is necessary for the patient not to feel inferior to others, since they are suffering from Tuberculosis. Therefore, when handling them the nurse should ensure equality in the treatment of all patients.

As the global health initiative, report spread of Tuberculosis in all place in the world thus infection to people with different cultural backgrounds. Thus, the nurses are to have knowledge that is enough to understand the cultural traditions of various groups irrespective of their race, color or origin. Subsequently, the nurse will need to provide sensitive care in the multicultural and pluralism society. Since, the nurses will work globally in order to put an end to Tuberculosis nurses should be ready to work globally.

In conclusion, the training given to the nursing profession should ensure that it give the most up-to date knowledge and skills. It will therefore, enhance competency and confidentiality in the health care environment today. Therefore, as a nurse the handling of patients infected with tuberculosis, there is a need to maintain a high level of care in administration of drugs.



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