Free Custom «Gender Issues in Nursing Profession» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Gender Issues in Nursing Profession» Essay Paper

Nursing is a profession that women have dominated over years, until it has brought a notion to people that nurses should be women but not men. Actually, this is not what is supposed to happen. Gender equality is very important because it considers both genders. This profession is working on this issue in order to encourage both genders to participate in the field.

The main problem that has affected this profession in the past especially in relation to gender is the pay equity. Men who had joined the profession earlier received high payment as opposed to the women. This issue has affected the women in this profession in the past and even to the present moment. It seems unfair to favor one gender yet the qualification is same. This issue has led to discouragement especially to women who want to join the profession (International Council of Nurses (n.d)).

In the past when men began the nursing profession, this field realized a new serious problem. This problem is occupational segregation. At time men began to work in this profession, we realized a problem that even those women who had high posts in the nursing sector had their rights deprived. Men who had entered the field of nursing later on replaced the women positions. Another problem under gender issue in the nursing profession is the senior and decision- making position. This field of profession does not represent women in this position well regardless of their qualification in the field. There are many men assigned to the decision- making positions and other senior position in the nursing field. Even though the nursing field is trying to work on this problem, it has become persistent. We hope that there will be a permanent solution to this problem.

According to my own point of view, gender as opposed to the past is not a big issue. There have been improvements and the nursing field now recognizes both genders in terms of position. Now we see that there is representation of men in many hospitals, you can get male nurses as compared to the past where almost all nurses were female. Actually, this is commendable but one thing that still worries me in this gender representation is occupational segregation. This contradicts the point of gender issue because women are still paid less than men (My Nursing Uniform Blog (2009)). My view is that nurses regardless of their gender need to receive equal compensation and representation in all positions in the field because of the equal qualification.



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