Free Custom «Ethics of Good Nursing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Ethics of Good Nursing» Essay Paper

Nursing ethics are considered to be the caring nature rather than the curing process and thus the relationship between the nurse and the patient being taken care of. Nursing ethics focus mostly on the creation of a caring relationship between the patient and the nurse .They are considered to be a field of study that involves theory or research on what nursing activity is, the good it provides and how nurses should behave or act .There are principle governing nursing ethics and these includes the nonmaleficence principle. This principle is a guide to the nurses to cause no harm to the patients but to give them maximum protection they need. For example this principle is given consideration when there is an introduction of new treatment and before it’s tried on the patients. Beneficence is the other principle that helps the nurses in preventing, removing harm and ensuring promotion of good health. There is autonomy which encourages individuals self determination. I t allows individuals to make there own decisions concerning their lives. The principle of confidentiality ensures that the information about the patient is shared with other people only after permission has been granted unless if the information needs urgent attention.

The importance of these ethics to nursing includes the following. The principle of nonbeneficence is important to nursing in that it gives guidance to the nurses on how to take good care of their patients by avoiding carrying out any activity that could result into harm. For instance administering new treatment approaches to patients is not encouraged until they have been proved to work perfectly .Therefore , for one to acquire good nursing ethics, they need to follow this principle so that they can be able to attend to their patients as required and meet the requirements. Before administering the new approaches to the patients, a nurse with good ethics has to ask herself if they will cause any harm to the patient, if so, then it should not be carried out.

The principle of beneficence is the most important principle to the nursing practice, because it involves taking action through assisting in harm prevention, and promotion of good health to the patient. For good nursing ethics to be achieved, nurses are entitled to follow this principle so that they can be in position to handle their patients by ensuring that they prevent or remove any harm that may occur. For example, the health care provider may be required to make decisions for the sick person when the patient is under serious conditions such as depression or under the influence of drugs.

Autonomy is important to nursing because it gives the freedom to the patients to make their own decision and this is good to the health care providers as their work is simplified and all they need to do is just to follow the decision of their patient. The principle of justices encourages total rendering of full care to the patient. This may include handling each person fairly, according equal services to the community and being available all the time incase need arises. Confidentiality principle enhances privacy of the patient or a community and the information given is not supposed to be shared to someone else, unless it is urgent and needs quick action to be taken, for example in preserving life (Silva ,1999).

These concepts are helpful when practicing as licensed practical nurses (L.N.P) because this are nurses who are supervised by the registered nurse and they attend to people who need more attention and require the services of the health care providers all the time. These people include the injured, bedridden and the disabled, thus they require more attention be it at home, in hospitals or clinics.

In conclusion, nursing as a field requires people who have caring hearts and they are readily available to offer their services any time .Thus, they will be in good position if they try to practice good nursing ethics at all the time. They can achieve this by following the ethical principles discussed above For example, the non-beneficence, beneficence, justice and confidentiality.



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