Free Custom «Cultural Diverse in Classrooms» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Cultural Diverse in Classrooms» Essay Paper

According to Bradshaw and Lawestein (2010), the issue of cultural diversity in nursing education can be attributed to Immigration. This has led to inadvertent prejudice and behaviors that border on discrimination in class. Bradshaw et al (2010) are of the view that the assimilation of this diversity and originality of the students would be a necessity in getting the best final product that is a fully qualified nurse. It is necessary, therefore, that educators exercise flexibility in working with a classroom that is culturally diverse in its population.                                                                                                                         With reference to the above, it is important for us to consider some questions with regard to the Asian students who take up the nursing course. How does the language barrier affect their performance in their studies? How do the instructors deal with this barrier to get across to them and get better results? Finally, how do the Asian students separate their own knowledge of the orient medicine practice to those of America, thus, enabling them to adapt to the new knowledge.                                                                                           Bradshaw et al (2010), is of the view that in mid 20th century, very few Hispanic, Islamic, Muslim or Asian students were allowed to take up a course in Nursing. Civil rights movement subsequent to the feminist movement paved the way for this profession to be viewed as a women’s’ forte. When it came to multicultural students, the issue was to be part of an educational community by sharing diversification of culture. Zhan (2003) postulates that the DRI study has come a long way in assisting these Asian students with an accent. The fact that they are passive, deficient and silent in class is but a speculation by critics. This study has been applied by modern day professions in inculcating non-English speaking students into the Nursing System of education.                                                           

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   Zhan (2003) posits that the educator should view the field of nursing as a gateway to improve theory base and research in order to enhance the nursing profession. Diversity, humanity, and nursing have been inculcated together in the DRI study in order for one to view their own culture as being part of the nursing process. In conclusion, the study was to portray that nursing is about humanity and not language.


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