Free Custom «Components of Nursings Contemporary Image » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Components of Nursings Contemporary Image » Essay Paper

There exists a need to identify contemporary healthcare information technology competencies of nurses with the aim of enhancing and assuring quality healthcare service delivery. Nursing as a carrier has helped many people especially those who opted for it and had been working towards it as their big dream in life. In the ancient period, nursing was regarded as a profession but due to the fact that the world is dynamic, a lot of changes have been made. In the present world, nursing is no longer viewed as a job opportunity but as a service rendering opportunity to patients. It also maintains conducive atmosphere to both patients and the entire institution as a whole.

The image of nursing is also protected or concealed because there has always been transparency in almost all the activities taking place within the fraternity as boosted by the introduction of technology. Technology not only monitors the activities but also help in rendering services. There are certain services that cannot be offered manually but by the help of machines i.e. machine that help in diagnosis of certain diseases. Another reason as to why nursing is trusted is because of the highly educated members which it employs.

According to Cherry & Jacob, this enhances rendering of up to standard services that in turn help in saving lives. Nurses play a major role in the hospital for they are the ones who are at close contact with the patient hence ensuring that patients get better services. It is always very difficult to identify the weakness of nurses for the services they offer are always confined within the territory of the hospital. Nursing is not competitive and this creates good relationship among workers. Nurses have some bit of pride and view themselves as professionals this makes them have no competition whatsoever as they belong to the same level of work category. Though there is a rank of promotion but of a small range.

Cherry & Jacob (2011) state that there are various factors that at times tend to threaten this position and these factors may tamper with some of the activities of the hospital. Corruption is one of the factors that threaten the process of nursing. This issue of corruption has become a weakness to various services rendering institution lowering down the quality of services they offer to their clients. In hospitals, this factor tends to lower the kind of services offered to patients by nurses. In this case, nurses are bribed to offer good services and provide a VIP treatment to some patients.

When nurses are bribed, they defy the guiding principles and some of the rules and regulations of the hospital. With bribe they cease from their kindness and begin handling some patients carelessly and this result to an increase in death rates as only those patients who bribe them gets good care or services. Lack of capital is also another factor that may lower the quality of services offered in hospitals. These can be so if nurses do not get good salary or wages as they can be demoralized in their work making them to offer low quality services to patient.

To determine the capability of a nurse, a proper research must be done. The research should be relevant to the kind of information needed because it is difficult to identify the weakness of a nurse. The best method to use research should be program element and sample assessment methods which compare the themes of the organization and program missions and goals. In employing this method, it helps compare curriculum elements with the present accreditation standards.

Some of the essential questions that must be addressed in the research process include the following: a) what are the essential competencies and outcomes for contemporary theories and practice, b) are there effective ways of learning these competencies, c) what are the indicators that define such competencies, and finally, d) what are the most efficient ways to document that learners, nurses practitioners have achieved the needed competencies?

The results can be applied in planning treatments that address the specific emotional and physical needs of patients within the fraternity. In this manner, nurses can therefore aid in engineering the best treatment options so that the suffering patients can achieve the best physical well-being and still fulfill their various social roles.

To the consumers, it is important to comprehend the manner in which the research education in nursing links theory and practice; which is two fold. First, the research will provide an appreciation and comprehension of the research process. Secondly, it also helps in becoming more intelligent consumer of research.

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In order to improve the rigor of study, it is vital to employ three principles of data collection: research base is developed using field notes, audio or video tapes, documents, logos, and narratives, multiple sources of data must be used, and finally an audit trail must be evident so as to help the reader to follow the research process.



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