Free Custom «Community Health» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Community Health» Essay Paper

Developing countries refers to those whose citizen’s average earnings are far much below the world’s average. On the hand, developed countries are those in which the average income of its citizens is above the world’s average. It is the country’s level of development that determines the type and quality of health services, personnel that include community health nurses among others. This is one major cause of disparity in the role of community health workers in developed a developing countries.

Other important issues apart from the disparity that are to be covered in this course work include sources of information that address the disparity above, international health organization that can provide the information about community health nurses in other countries, health issues that are to be given priority, the target population, resources available, and mechanisms in place to ensure access to services by target people in Tipton County, Tennessee.

Differences in the role of community health nurses in developed and less-developed countries

The role of nurses in developed and developing countries differs in that in developing countries, community health nurses concentrate on provision of curative services. On the other hand, community health nurses do concentrate on prevention of diseases and health promotion. Other difference in the role of community health nurses in developed and developing countries stems from the salaries, working environment and other incentives. In developed countries, there are better working conditions, and community nurses are paid handsomely. There are also favorable incentives such as insurance cover.

Similarities in the role of community health nurses in developed and less-developed countries

In both developed and developing countries, nurses are trained and equally qualified to provide primary health care services. Primary health care is aimed at ensuring good health for citizen in a given country.

Additionally, community health nurses in both developing and developed countries are community based. In this way, they are in contact with the community members with an aim of fostering good health through improved access to health care, behavior and resource mobilization.

Information sources in the library

There are various material in the library that can be used as a source of information fro the differences and similarities in the role of community health nurses in developed and developing countries. They include journals of various international health organizations e.g. WHO. The source could be the internet and books.

International health organization

IMVA (2009) assets that one most relevant international health organization one will contact for any information about community health workers in other countries is the World Health Organization. This is because World Health Organization is a multilateral organization; meaning it is funded and it also provides services in many countries. It sometimes works with other non-governmental organization including the United Nations with the main aim of ensuring that all people have good health.

Priority health issues

Healthy lifestyle is the issue that should receive priority funding. This is because by practicing healthy lifestyle, one is able to achieve the rest of the goals like healthy people, weight loss, diet and exercise plan among others. All the rest of the goals are what entails healthy lifestyles and they include nutrition tips, healthy food choice among others (WHO, 2011).

Religious groups in the Tipton County, Tennessee community

I live in Tipton County, Tennessee. Christianity is the major religion in this community.  Therefore, Christians make the large percent of the target population for the community nursing services.

Resources available to meet their needs

The county enjoys a host of resources that are used to meet the day today needs of its population. First there is human resource that consist of children support service and rehabilitation services. These two are important in meeting the health needs of the population.

Schools are also available in the county. Schools ensure production of another very important human resource in health fields and others. Finance, the most important of all resources is available for various programs by the county. This is majorly from the income tax of the US government that is distributed to counties.

Mechanisms in place to facilitate access to these services by these groups

IMVA (2009) observes that various measures have been put in place by Tennessee government through the department of health to ensure access by its people to health services. First, background checks nowadays mandatory to offer patient care. This is a requirement by law before any recruitment of health personnel. The second measure is the restructuring of the immunization regulations to target children in schools and care centers. Lastly, MRSA is another measure that is now in place. It acts as a source of information on how to recognize and prevent disease occurrence. It also provides toolkits for coaches, parents and teachers.

In conclusion, there exist differences and similarities in the roles of community health nurses in developed and developing countries. The difference ranges from the kind of health problems addressed, approach and salaries and other incentives. There is also a similarity in that in both developed and developing countries, community health nurses are based in the community, they are more or less equally trained. The WHO is the relevant organization. The community in question has a majority of Christians, with rich human and financial resource to meet the needs of its population. Various measures are in place to meet the health objectives of the Tennessee government that include revised vaccination policy.



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