Free Custom «Becoming A Nurse» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Becoming A Nurse» Essay Paper

I have a love for people and a natural inclination to help others. Caring for the sick has become a way of life in the family of my older generations as evidenced by my grandfather who is a doctor and two of my aunts who are in the nursing profession. All of them devote their lives in helping sick people. I strongly believe that I am genetically encoded to be compassionate towards the sick as I am now naturally drawn to becoming a nurse.

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Growing up in an environment where the spirit of caring, love, sympathy, and empath is abundant, I am very happy to know that both my daughter and my husband are now wholeheartedly and vigorously supporting me in my pursuit of the nursing profession.

Although I encounter a temporary disappointment due to a failure of a school test, I realize that this is one of my life lessons to learn. I believe that as long as I do not give up trying and continue to pursue my future goals, my efforts will eventually be crowned with success.

I am a highly responsible and dependable person.  I am also very persiistent. For example, as soon as I start doing something, I will not only try my very best to do it well, but also will see to it that I will complete it on time. Listening to music is one my hobbies and it nourishes my mind. Reading is another hobby and it broadens my knowledge.

Looking after the sick people is one of the noblest services one can perform in this world. As I have love and compassion for people and a strong desire to help others, there is indeed nothing more fulfilling and joyful in my life than to care for the sick.


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