Free Custom «Alumni» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Alumni» Essay Paper

Nursing is said to be more of a calling because it needs people who are dedicated and willing to work long hours and stay on call always. Though I hold a non nursing bachelors degree I feel deep within me that nursing is the right career path for me.

Being a young lady currently working in a law firm, I undertake the delicate task of following up on the clients that we deal with, who are mainly the elderly. I have first hand interactions with the senior citizens and their families and visit them in their homes or nursing homes where they live. The exposure that I have gained as a volunteer both at the Red Cross and Fletcher Allen Hospital has given me great satisfaction and a hunger to keep helping and serving people who are in need.

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I believe that I will get the best curriculum and hands on exposure during my training period at the University Of Rochester School Of Nursing. I will interact with my colleagues at the University and involve myself in co curricular activities to enable me make new contacts and friends to assist me in both study and personal growth. I will always hold the University in high esteem and involve myself in activities that will assist other deserving students join the campus. As an Alumnus I will always be active in mentoring prospective new students and giving back to the campus to ensure that many more people gain from this esteemed institution.

I am a high achiever with a deep desire to serve others thus I know this is the college for me to lay the strongest foundation for my career. I will uphold the University’s values of achieving the highest excellence in my personal academic achievements, patient care, research and service to the community.


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