Free Custom «A History of American Nursing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «A History of American Nursing» Essay Paper

Nursing has been referred to as the the oldest art but the youngest professions. It’s tantamount with the woman history, a Latin woman who breastfed the babies of others. Florence nightingale pioneered in the field of nursing where she tended the wounds of soldiers during the Crimean war in the 19th century. She laid the nursing foundation in 1860 in London at St. Thomas hospital where she started a nursing school (Patricia, 2010).

The pursuit of excellence has been experienced in different areas and facets of the nursing profession. A recent research on the accomplishments achieved revealed the following;

The nursing personnel have improved on the safety of patient handling equipments and have been rolled out on all facilities while training still an ongoing process to equip the professionals with new challenge management techniques.

There has been rapid response to emergencies and inpatients that experience stroke with need for immediate attention.

In most of the healthcare centers, there has been an implementation on the use of cell phones for communication. This has increased the information exchange between the patients and the staff thus ensuring a solid relationship. More to that, discharge phone calls have been introduced for follow up assessments thus providing service recovery to their patients.

The art of nursing has taken the technology style where nursing programs has been devised and designed to determine the physical and mental care of the patient together with their communities and families.

For quite a long time now, some of the hospitals and nursing homes have been performing poorly. This is as a result of failure to apply the current innovations and scientific discoveries in their places of work. According to Florence Nightingale, the founder of nursing, she referred to it as a more of a calling that required much of volunteering (Deborah 2009).  To improve the driving force that help increase the efficiency in patience centered medical care, quality performance should be encouraged. This as well improves the dynamics of the interdisciplinary process that every healthcare strives to achieve the results in establishing nursing leadership. These programs should be designed to outline the professional goals and maintain a culture that maintains a high profile of patient care. For these goals to be achieved, the following measures should be taken into consideration;

The program should highlight the contribution the nursing profession contributes in achieving quality patient care by providing sensitive indicators for identification of goals.

To foster a committed pursuit to quality education and participation of the staff at all levels in interdisciplinary improvement performance.

Care issues should be identified to benefit performance improvement

The care centers should share past evidence based on practice.

Newspaper report on the accomplishments of nursing profession

The issue of poor services in nursing homes has been a problem that needs to be solved. To improve on the nursing skills, the participants of this profession should maintain a high level of knowledge throughout their career. The management should ensure that there is constant and habitual training, professional conferences, mentorship and work experiences are maintained in the workplace (Reed, Nalma and Shearer 2011). This method usually maintain an effective and high quality healthcare to patients and it as well improves the skills that help keep up with new technology and skills. The nurses should be encouraged to specialize in the area they are well conversant with. Before one indulge training should be done off the job following the normal curriculum and on-the-job to equip the nurses with skills and experience. These institutions should make sure that they adopt the newest technology that fits the patient needs and ensure that there is a cost-cutting measure on the part of the institution and the patient.



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