Free Custom «A Choice for Life» Essay Paper

Free Custom «A Choice for Life» Essay Paper

The registered nurse is a person who has successively gone through the nursing program in college and has passed the national licensing exams. The registered nurses (RN) give medical assistance to people when the fall sick or when they get body injuries. They are the people who help the doctors in the hospitals in carrying out some important activities such as ambulatory care, taking care of the patients in the wards, providing extensive care to patients, offering the clinical services and other functions as may be directed by the doctors. The registered nurses are the people who provide care to the people when they are in the critical situations that require the help of physicians. The rank of the registered nurses is high than those ranks occupied by the licensed practical nurses and the nursing assistants. It is the responsibility of the registered nurses to ensure that the subordinate staff members are taking care of the patients from the hospital as per the hospital regulations.  The other important functions of the registered nurses include maintaining the medical records of the patients, giving the necessary support to patients and their respective families and ensuring that the medical ethics are upheld some hospital staff members.

Entering into the RN program

I want to become a registered nurse because I would like to help the people who require help. For instance, I can help in performing some diagnostic tests and analyzing of the results, assist in operating the machines that are used in the medical fields and in patient’s rehabilitation and follow up. I would like to interact with the patients and their family members so that I can be able to teach them the appropriate ways of managing various illnesses and inform them on how to deal with post treatment requirements and also giving the necessary advice and emotional assistance to them. In the RN program, I can be trained on how to give comfort and provide counseling to the family members of the patients who suffer from the terminal illnesses such as cancer. Also, I want to be included in the RN program because I enjoy caring for other people and I therefore want to help in saving their lives. For instance, I would like to provide preventive care services to people including the newborns, adolescents, elderly, women and children and also travel to areas with shortages of medical professionals to help those people who need the medical help.

To enssure quality services to patients and other people while in the RN program, I am a hardworking person, well mannered and disciplined, well organized. I am also a fast learner and I effectively participate in team the medical field related team works. On the other hand, I become very emotional when handling the patients with terminal illnesses such as HIV and cancer because their situations become more demanding. To overcome this weakness, I must learn to appreciate all the illnesses and employ the methods that assist in relieving the emotions especially seeking advice from those who have worked in this field for a long period of time so that I can become a competent nurse in the future.

When I have free time i.e. when out of professional tasks, I spend my leisure time visiting and spending time with friends and their families, I read different materials including some medical journals, swimming and travelling. There are various things that I have achieved in my career. When I graduated the medical assistant program, I gained the greatest level skills in caring for the patients and coordinating health services and I was awarded a certificate. I passed my TEAS exam which enabled me to gain permission to enter the registered nurses program.


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