Free Custom «Modern Medicine Versus Alternative Medicine» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Modern Medicine Versus Alternative Medicine» Essay Paper

This paper argues that the traditional medicine is the most effective and more reliable when it comes to treating a disease. On the most part, the paper will argue using the Traditional Chinese Medicine as its basis. This is because it’s the most advanced traditional medicine to date and a lot of research has been conducted about it. Additionally, it has been legalized in most countries.

Modern medicine can be thought of as medicine that has been chemically developed in the laboratories by experts. Due to its modernity and the fact that it is developed by experts, it is the more trusted by people and governments worldwide. On the other hand, alternative or traditional medicine is medicine that is developed from herbs or treatment that is not chemically inspired. This is the type of medicine that was used in the past before there were proper and extensive studies on the chemicals. Many people have always had preferences between the two types of medications. However, the most important factor of any medication is that it should be capable of treating the respective ailment. But of the two types of medicines, which is more effective? Simply, which should be the more trusted to treat an ailment?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) differs with Modern medicine primarily on the fundamental principles. TCM makes use of the ‘Yin and Yang’ theory as well as five phases. The theory explains the tissues and structures, the pathological and physiological aspects of the human body, and it guides the clinical diagnosis as well as treatment and classifying drugs. Modern medicine however bases its principles on modern sciences; biology, physics and chemistry with branches such as human anatomy, pathology, biochemistry, physiology, parasitology etc. The Yin and Yang theory describes the state of nature and this gives it an advantage over modern medicine as it conceptualizes the organism as a whole and hence determines treatment based on identified patterns after an overall analysis. Although it traditional, such a theory cannot be falsified by modern science.

The structure of the human body as defined by TCM differs from the physiological anatomy of modern medicine in that it based upon Chinese bowels and viscera theory as well as the channels and network vessels theory. Thus, the viscera, organs as well as pathophysiological activities are known differently in both cases. However, the TCM description is clear, accurate and true. For example, the kidney in TCM is thought to be the point that adjusts all human viscera and bowels which differs from the modern definition in the sense that it does not concern itself with the finer details. This definition acknowledges its many overlapping functions and complexity (Li).

Therefore, administering treatment in TCM is facilitated as it will be based on the kidney functionality and systems rather concentrate on the finer details that are always very complex. The TCM property of differentiating diseases into specific patterns each with its own symptoms and unique treatment protocol makes it very effective as compared to the modern medicine that concentrates only on specific organs.

Infertile couples can now rest easy after it has been proved that Traditional Chinese Medicine is very effective in treating infertility. It is believed one out of six couples is infertile. This is quite a large number considering the fact that there is always a lot of stress derived from the inability to conceive. Infertility may be caused by many factors ranging from physiological, hormonal to nutritional aspects of the couples. About half of Canadian infertile couples don’t go for treatment. For those that go ahead to seek treatment, a majority of them opt for medications or surgeries that are always prone to complications.

Lately, there has been advancement of ultra modern fertility treatment like in vitro fertilization. However, even this ultra modern procedure has a success rate of only 20 %. This simply means that modern ways are not very effective in treating infertility. However, TCMs have been found to be effective, reliable and have limited to no side effects. They have long lasting effects and are very healthy. TCM has been useful in remedying endometriosis, sperm production, motility and menstrual complication. Additionally, studies have proven that acupuncture increases the success rate of in vitro fertilization (Turner, 2005). The fact that even ultra modern medication are still reverting to traditional medicines illustrates the fact that they are not effective.

Most modern medicines have side effects, unlike traditional medicines. People suffering from chronic diseases more often than not find that after taking drugs, they have just traded symptoms for side effects. Most people are prone to diseases because of their lifestyles and nutrition. Therefore, many diseases are preventable. However, modern medicine is mainly focused on treating these diseases, rather than preventing them. Additionally, very few physicians would spend their time with patients to persuade them to change their lifestyles or improve their health. However, the naturopaths have filled this void. These emphasize water treatment, fresh air, a vegetarian (natural) diet and physical exercise. Such treatments have no side effects but very effective. Patients that follow such procedures not only change their lifestyles but also their nutrition. Such lifestyle changes keep many diseases at bay. It is the simplicity, safe but effective nature of traditional medication that makes Americans make more than 400 million visits to homeopaths, massage therapists, herbalists and other traditional healers as they are dissatisfied with modern medicine (Griffin 1996). Therefore, patients are limited in their administration.

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However, some diseases are better off treated using alternative medicines. There are some trained medical practitioners who have come to acknowledge that indeed traditional medicine is more effective than the medicine that they themselves administer (Strathy, 2000). Such admissions support the stance of this paper. This is attested to the fact that traditional medicines are gaining popularity not only in America but also in Europe as the European Union has been removing barriers to its importation and usage. Some traditional formulae are also being integrated in Europe (Schwabl, 2010).

Modern procedures like surgeries have their own risks. This is because a surgeon’s mistake can lead to the death of the patient. However, the risk associated with such procedures such as acupuncture or TCMs is very small. Patients seeking such services always know that their immediate lives are not in danger as the processes are physical. This gives traditional medicines a distinct advantage.

Although the paper has argued that traditional medicines are better than modern medicine, there are some cases where they come up short. For instance, there are some procedures that wholly require modern medication such as surgeries, dialyses, other complex medical procedures. This has been necessitated by modern medicine’s inability to provide the most effective medication. However, this paper proposes that modern medicines should not be discarded for traditional medicines, rather the two should be integrated so that to come up with better medications. This is because both types of medications have not come up with cures of diseases such as AIDS and Cancer among other diseases. Therefore, instead of working as rival, both traditional and modern medical practitioners can work hand in hand by sharing necessary information so that better and safer medical procedures can be developed. After all, the main purpose of both is to ensure a healthy world.



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