Free Custom «Health Insurance» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Health Insurance» Essay Paper

The health insurance is one of the most important parts of the health care system. It is a financial support in case of medical emergency or disease. The USA has the best results of the health insurance in the world, but the problems concerning the current sphere still exist. The Government controls the insurance system in America because it has some relations not only to the health care area but also to the economic sphere. In addition to it, the statistics of the health insurance depends on many factors. The problems with the poverty, race and employment reflect the bad statistics in the country. The situation was depressing, but the chain of politic reforms and measures helped increase the rates of health insurance. Although, the statistics during the last years increased, the situation did not improve.

There is nothing more important in the world than health. All the people value their lives and feelings of happiness. The protection of these things is the central aim of health insurance. The health care system takes care of the ill people, but this service is comparatively expensive. However, people are ready to spend any amount of money with the purpose of preventing health issues in the future. Nevertheless, such situation concerns only those people, who can afford to pay such expensive bills for the medical help, while money they spend for it will never return to the person, if he or she is at good health during the year. Moreover, the insurance does not promise to submit the expenses less than a certain amount. Thus, some visits of the doctor or some insignificant problems cannot be covered by the insurance, and the people have to pay for it themselves. The hopes of many Americans failed when it became evident that the insurance system does not pay for all medical services. Before visiting of a doctor, the patient has to consult the insurance company whether they cover all the expenditures connected with it or not, and whether they can pay for the consultation of a certain doctor. Nevertheless, people are ready to do everything in order to safeguard the personal life and family welfare. The health insurance is a convenient method to perform it. This system becomes an integral part of the successful people’s lives. Health insurance is normally a complex system of help. It helps prevent unexpected expenditures in case of sudden disease or emergency because it pays not only for the treatment but also for the medicaments. Moreover, it is a perfect way to support an appropriate level of live in case of serious disease or physical disability. However, the system is not perfect and it has many disadvantages.

The problems and defects of the insurance program in America are the central reasons of the insurance low rate in the country. The first and the most serious disadvantage of it is the high level of payment for the support. Moreover, the bills have to be paid in time. However, not all citizens can afford to cover such amount for the insurance. In addition to it, if a person feels well during the year and needs no help from the medical personnel, he or she cannot receive the paid money back. Without doubt, the insurance system is useful, but not all Americans can spend a big amount of money for such uncertain service. In addition to paying bills for food, rent, etc., insured people have to pay the bills for the insurance, which are the highest. Very often, people have to spend all their savings for the insurance bills. Nevertheless, it is necessary to provide free and convenient access to medical help in cases of injuries and serious diseases. When the family cannot obtain the insurance, they have not enough possibilities to receive qualitative and prompt help. Thus, health insurance is not only an essential thing for people but also a serious obstacle on the way of obtaining an appropriate medical help. Moreover, even if citizens receive the doctor’s consultation they cannot always buy expensive prescriptions. The insurance services are almost inaccessible in the rural zones. As a result, citizens of such areas cannot receive essential medical help. The biggest danger is the chronic diseases because they make patients visit hospitals more often compared to other people. Such disadvantages in the system of health insurance provoke many fatal events and increase the level of mortality in the country. The statistics changed during the last years due to some political measures, but such changes are almost difficult to notice. “The percentage of people without health insurance coverage decreased sharply between 2013 and 2014 by just under 3.0 percentage points, specifically, by 2.9 percentage points” (Smith & Medalia, 2015, 1p.).

The uninsured people take a separate position in the statistics. Not all citizens of America can pay for the expensive service. It was decided to distinguish several groups in the system of health insurance. They have three different types of insurance: private health insurance, Government health insurance and uninsured people (Smith & Medalia, 2015, 1p.). The private insurance depends on the private financial payments from the person to the company. The Government insurance is a certain federal program, which helps cover the expenses for the medical help. The uninsured people comprise a group of citizens who do not receive any kind of services during the year. The data proved that generally, the situation with health insurance in the country has improved, but it does not concern all age groups. The senior people have an appropriate medical care because they receive a governmental help. However, the young people under 26, known as young adults, can still be on the parent’s private health plan, but their uninsured rate is the highest. The present statistics of the insurance does not differ from the previous years, because the rate of the uninsured Americans decreased unnoticeably. However, in comparison with 2011, the difference is clearly seen (Nies & McEwen, n.d.). The disadvantages in the health care system and lack of coverage make the medical system of America non-accessible for the simple citizens. The citizens living in poverty and in rural zones comprise the biggest group of uninsured people. The uninsured person does not have free and convenient possibility to use the medical help. Even if a person has a serious disease or a chronic illness, the doctors can refuse to help him without checking the insurance polis. There are many problems and obstacles in the sphere of health insurance. The statistics do not reveal the real number of uninsured people in the country over the positive estimations of the general insurance rate improvement.

Such poor improvement of statistics can be explained by the high level of poverty. It is obvious that the poverty is the key health care determinant in America. The medical service is possible only for those who have insurance. Consequently, the poverty problem is the main obstacle for achieving the policy. The poverty in the United States is comparatively high, and it continues increasing. The population living in poverty has the biggest level of uninsured individuals, which is approximately 19,3 percent (Smith & Medalia, 2015, n.p). However, the Government health insurance covers a big part of all expanses, which amounts approximately 62,3 percent (Smith & Medalia, 2015, n.p.). Thus, the rate is the highest. The positive result was the consequence of the Act of Affordable Care, which helped protect people living in poverty to achieve the insurance. The majority of people receive their medical care policy through the job. Consequently, the program is not available for unemployed individuals, and it appeared due to the poverty issue. However, the Act of Affordable Care helped overcome the critical measure of the uninsured. In addition to it, the politic reform demands everyone to contribute to the system, which helped the poor people and decreased the prices for medical help. The law was accepted with the purpose of lowering the costs of health insurance and making it more available for people in poverty. The direction of such policy is correct and the first results really changed the pessimistic rates, but it is not enough in the process of making the system more accessible. It is not enough for the country in general as it is not noticeable. People do not feel the obvious relief and still do not use the available medical care. Nevertheless, the poverty is the serious problem in achieving the health insurance, and the level of medical service for poor people is quite low. In addition, problem of race and origin in the USA has also a strong influence on the insurance system.

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The racial and ethnic disparities form another problem connected to the health insurance. “In 2014, non-Hispanic Whites had a higher rate of health insurance coverage (92.4 percent) compared with Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics” (Smith & Medalia, 2015, 16p.). The poverty rate of African-Americans and Asians is approximately 88,2, while the one for Hispanics is 80,1 percent (Smith & Medalia, 2015, 16p.). Due to such information, the level of insurance policies among minorities is the lowest in the USA. The problems of ethnical and racial disparities still exist. However, it is possible to assume that the situation is caused by the unemployment and poverty. Inability of minorities to get professional medical help is caused by their disability to achieve the health insurance. Moreover, it is provoked not only by the high level of poverty among the disparities but also by the financial accessibility and geographical location. A great number of such people cannot afford using the qualitative medical care and suffers from the chrinic illness and different injuries. The problem is that one of the richest countries in the world does not have free access to the medical service, and the health insurance is the strongest obstacle on this way. Though, it does not mean that the policy system is bad; it means that it is not perfect. In addition, people should gain positive results from the insurance and it must not be so expensive. On the other side, the help and assistance of the Government in the process is comparatively big but it is not enough when millions of people suffer from lack of money and racial and ethnical disabilities to achieve the insurance. The efforts of the Government should be increased and it must develop the convenient payment system in order to help the minority patients to get available, qualitative and not expensive medical help. However, almost all of the racial and ethnic minorities are the migrants to the rural zones.

There are many factors, which influence the health care and health in general, and the geographical location is also one of them. It may seem that the location of a person has no connection to the problem of medical care however, such connection exists. The citizens of the rural areas cannot have an appropriate medical help, and the system of insurance is almost unavailable there. Although, the process of urbanization increases, the settlements in the urban zones remain big. The citizens in these areas cannot achieve a professional medical help because of the insurance. The insurance companies do not expand their services in these regions. The statistics show that the biggest rates of the rural residents are in the South (35%), West and Midwest (23%) and North (19%). In addition, 20% of children younger than 18 live in rural zones (Nies & McEwen, n.d.). It is necessary to compare such rates with the rates of insurance at those areas. Thus, the statistics confirmed that the lowest level of insurance is in the South, while the biggest one is in the East and North (Smith & Medalia, 2015, n.p.). The data regarding the rural zones location and the worst level of insurance coincide. Consequently, it can be stated that there is no improvement in medical services in these areas. The problem is that the Government and health insurance system do not take into consideration this aspect. The level of life there is very low and people suffer from weak health due to the poverty and hard work. Nevertheless, the health care system and the governmental reforms must improve these statistics in order to overcome the low rate of uninsured people. The politics of the insurance companies should be more available there. Moreover, the prices for the services should not be as high as for the urban citizens, due to the level of life in the rural zones. It can help decrease the general level of mortality in the country.

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The researches confirm that the mortality rates depend on the level of life. The mortality increases not only due to the fatal injuries, epidemics, and hard diseases but also due to the absence of sufficient access to the medical help. It is obvious that people with the lack of money cannot afford high quality treatment in the hospital. The citizens of the rural zones, unemployed or the ethnic or racial minorities have the highest rate of mortality in the country. Regardless of the fact that the USA is one of the best-developed industrial states, and its expenditures for the medical services is almost the greatest in the world, many countries have much better indicates of health care services (Nies & McEwen, n.d.). The country needs the immediate reformations of the national health services and health insurance, considering the fact that the policy system is necessary. Still, it is not perfect and has many disadvantages. For example, the system does not always help avoid health problems. Moreover, health insurance creates great obstacles for the medical services. The people without insurance have to suffer from chronic diseases or die without necessary medical help. Thus, the mortality level in the country can be decreased with the help of reformation the insurance system. It must be available for everyone in America considering health to be the most important factor for well-being of people. The appropriate level of insurance in the state is a determinative factor of the national mortality. Without doubt, it is impossible to influence some natural factors of death, but the policy service has to be revised, as it is among the most widespread reasons of mortality rate in the USA.

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The main aim of the Government should be changing the health care system and the health care insurance. The problems of the medical help make the citizens suffer. It is necessary to admit that the medicine of the country should be changed due to the numerous health insurance problems. It should also be stated that the services of the policies are expensive, but the Government should do everything in order to make them more available and cheaper. The bills for the insurance are very high and sometimes people risk losing all their savings to pay for it. Consequently, the problem of costs is the central one. The process of the policies achievement must be convenient and easily available. At present, the residents of the rural zones live without using the benefits of the policies because they are almost not available and too expensive for them. The Government has to revise the policy of the governmental insurance and increase the possibilities to deliver it for the rural citizens. Nevertheless, politics toward the ethnical and racial minorities should also be changed. Moreover, the state must guarantee the additional help in the sphere of medicine for unemployed. The process of receiving health insurance must be much cheaper for them until they find an appropriate job. The citizens pay their taxes in order to be protected. As a result, the convenient system of insurance can give people the feeling of comfort and satisfaction. The problem is that the citizens without insurances have not sufficient medical care. Even if the person cannot effort to have insurance, he or she should be treated at the sufficient level. Nevertheless, the Government made many changes, which improved the general situation of the health improvement in the country.

The Government and the health care system have taken measures to reduce the rate of uninsured people in America. The first essential step was accepting the Affordable Care Act in 2010 (Smith & Medalia, 2015, 2). Nevertheless, the reform did not receive the full support among the citizens. The act indicated the compulsory health insurance but the people with the lack of incomes and earnings had to receive some grants in the form of additional help from the state. The reform was aimed at the formation of special establishments for attaining the insurance, if the citizens are unemployed or cannot get it at their working places. In addition to it, the reform had to strive for making more investments into the medical system in general, as well as receive some funds. The other goal of the project was to increase the taxes for rich citizens and the pharmaceutical companies. This initiative of the President met many arguments from the different political parties. However, some aspects of the new law were accepted and implemented. The results of it were represented in numerous statistics data. For example, the level of uninsured patients decreased, while the amount of young adults (approximately 19 – 26 years old) without the insurance reduced (Smith & Medalia, 2015, 2p.). It was the central aim of the Act. Although it was not completely performed, the amount of insured patients during the last year increased. Consequently, the process of reformation gave positive results and it is necessary to continue the project. “Based on family income, some people may have qualified for subsidies or tax credits to help pay for premiums associated with health insurance plans” (Smith & Medalia, 2015, 2). It is possible to assume that the Affordable Care Act is the most successful reform in the sphere of medicine for the last century in America. The society of the United States felt the positive influence of the reform, as well. The health insurance must be an appropriate and available advantage, but not a disadvantage or a serious obstacle for receiving a qualitative medical help.


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