Free Custom «Health Eating» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Health Eating» Essay Paper
Health eating is one of the challenges in the modern world today. This is so because most people find themselves entangled in a disability of taking food that is not health thus creating a problem of obesity which increases chances of diseases of hypertension, diabetes and many others. The common problems faced by individuals who does not take health foods includes inability to sit in a regular chair, inability to get fitting dresses and others in ability to do anything because of bad healthy. Today?s world sees fashion as everything and hence such a world does not have any space for obesity or malnutrition. If you look at modern advertisement skinny and thin women as well as men with well build bodies are considered perfect figures. Therefore, an obesity individual or emaciated person does not find himself attractive in the society today. Nowhere In the world does a population have much privilege and much access to resources as the people of the United States of America. Resources and privileges can sound as a positive thing that helps to empower people but a time can be a source of slavery. With resources at hand and plenty of opportunities there is increase of the number of temptations. For the American people the biggest temptation they encounter is the availability of cheap and fatty foods which causes obesity.

Purpose of the study

The main purpose of this study is to identify health eating and costs associated with unhealthy eating in the united stated of America. It will examine how a health eating is impacting an individuals? life and financial and medical implications. In examining this issue the study will also explore the problem of unhealthy food in America today in a more general contest as well as from a how it destroys Americas? workforce.

Statement of research question

What health care costs are associated with unhealthy eating in the united stated today?

Significance of the study

Regardless of the limitation inherent in the study, it is important for several reasons (i) Health eating is longer an individual problem but a nation wide issue because it targets all men and women in order for an individual to realise enormous importance of health eating they need to be aware of the implication of how much an health eating will cost the government to themselves as individuals.
(ii) Health care workers need to take a more proactive approach when it comes to nutritional education. In the past people in the United States of America people were taught on how to take a balanced diet meal but unfortunately in America today that one is insufficient.

Limitations and delimitations of study

It is clear now that health eating is not an issue of a particular race, ethnicity or age rather a problem for the whole population of unites states of America. For this study the population considered it?s only for those people born or reciting in the United States of America. This group has been selected because it has the highest number of people requiring health eating solutions due to the highest growing of number of obesity related issues. Age is not restricted because, health eating affects from the one day to 100 year old man or woman.

Literature review


Obesity is not good for this is considered as not normal and sickness of a person that should be taken very seriously and at the same time creating many complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, abnormal blood fats, the disease in coronary artery, stroke, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, cancer, disease of fatty liver, gallbladder, problems of fertility including pregnancy among women, the physical discomfort and of course the consequences of social and emotional aspect (Obesity, 2008). The treatment of obesity is needed for the purpose of maintaining and achieving the weight that is healthier and the amount of weight that should be lost may result to health improvement.
As studied the five or ten percent loss weight may bring the improvement of health which means losing up to ten to twenty pounds when your body weight is about 200 pounds.

Factors contributing to weight gain and obesity

a) Diet ? there is consumption of foods that contains high-calories like for example fast foods and the increase in the portion sizes also add to the gaining of weight. There is density in the calories to those foods that are considered to be high-fat. The loading up on soft drinks, including candies and desserts may promote the so-called gain weight. The foods as well as beverages of high sugar and at the same time eating away from home may definitely increase the intake of calorie. b) Inactivity ? those people who are gaining weight may not even be burning the calories through the activities in physical aspect because they are not active (Obesity, 2008). c) Quitting smoking ? most smokers tend to gain more weight after they quit smoking because of the ability of nicotine raising the rate wherein the body is burning the calories or the rate in embolism. When most smokers stop, the burning of calories is fewer. Smoking may even affect the taste because quitting smoking tends to better food taste and calories. d) Pregnancy ? there is absolutely increase in weight when most woman are pregnant because some women find it difficult to lose weight after the baby was born. This weight gain may contribute to obesity in most women. e) Certain medication ? there are medications that contributes to the gaining of weight such as corticosteroids and tricyclic antidepressants which are used when some people experienced high blood pressure and the medications of antipsychotic. f) Medical problems ? obesity may also come from the medical cause like for example the low thyroid function and the production that is in excess of hormones by the glands known as adrenal. The low rate of metabolism may not likely causing obesity but it is not clear whether the polycystic ovarian syndrome may contribute to obesity. Some medical problems like arthritis may even lead to lessening of activity while resulting to gaining weight.

Obesity?s risk factors

a) Genetics ? the genes may even affect the body?s amount of fat stored wherein the fat is being distributed. Genetics is playing the role in efficient way wherein the body may convert food into the energy and the body may burns the calories that is during the exercise. The genetic makeup may not even guarantee the obesity. b) History of the Family ? if one of the parents are obese, there is a great chance to be obese. This is due to the so-called shared genes or the environmental sharing may also include foods that are of high-calorie and considered to be not active. c) Age ? getting older result to less active in terms of everyday activities and the amount of muscle in the body may even tend result to decrease in age. The lower mass of the muscle may even lead to the metabolism?s decrease wherein such changes may cause the reduction in calories. The solution to decrease the weight gain is by decreasing the intake of calories. d) Sex ? most women are said to be obese than men because most women have lesser mass of muscle and even tend to burn the fewer calories at rest compared to most men.

The seeking of medical advice

One of the best measurements is to step on scale in order to get the total weight and with the use of medical technologies that may give and accurate measurement of bone, muscle and the fluid. With these measurements and finding out that you belong to overweight, the seeking of medical advice is very important and should be taken into consideration in order to have earlier diagnosis and prevention (Obesity, 2008).


The doctor may help the patients to determine whether there is a need of losing weight and of course how much weight the patient should loose? With the use of BMI and the circumference of weight the doctor can review the medical history and can even discussed with the patient the level of seriousness that excess fat that contains to the patient?s body is really that kind dangerous. Most doctors can also assess the health of most patients who have the health problems because these said health problems may help improve the loss of weight and even requires thorough treatment beyond the loss of the said weight.


Along with a healthy diet, physical activity plays a crucial role in preventing obesity and overweight. In order to maintain a stable weight, a person needs to burn off the same amount of calories as he or she consumes. So if a person eats 100 calories more than what is burned off in one day, this would then result to a weight gain of approximately 1 pound a month. That easily equates to about 10 pounds in a year. Even if the body burns calories for everyday functions such as breathing, digestion, and routine daily activities, a lot of people still consume more calories than they need to perform these functions. Therefore, the safest and most effective way to burn off those calories and prevent weight gain is simply to increase physical activity beyond one?s routine activities. People who need to lose weight, however, should do so gradually at a rate of only one-half to two pounds per week. The bottom line is that, in order for one to lose weight, it is essential to have that perfect combination of calorie reduction and increased physical activity. Studies show that if a person is obese or overweight, reducing body weight by even just 5 to 10 percent can improve one?s health considerably.



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