Free Custom «Cultural Diversity in Nursing» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Cultural Diversity in Nursing» Essay Paper

The article highlights on the basic cultural diversities in reference to its roles in patients safety. In relation to various case studies carried out by the author, the article expounds on the various barriers to the safety care of the patients. In addition, the article provides a general overview of tabulated cultural issues. In their analysis, the authors provide six basic areas of identifying probable barriers to safe care in hospitals. The article further provides racial differences affecting cultural safety issues globally. In respect to the safety issues related to nursing, the article provides a tabulated analysis of safety risks and possible solutions. The information provided by the article provides vital information that would assist nurses improve their knowledge about practice. The information found in this article would essentially assist the Registered and student nurses understand more about data history of medicine. 

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Lowe, J. And Archibald, C. (2009). Cultural Diversity: The Intention of Nursing: Nursing Forum, 44: 11–18

In this article, Lowe and Archibald provide information relating cultural developments in the United States of America. Throughout the article, cultural diversities associated to the complications in the health care are expounded on. The two authors closely analyze behavioral attitudes as a factor of beliefs. The article further provides information about the US cultural composition and challenges faced by the nurses. Information provided by the article forms basis for the students and registered nurses to learn more about cultural diversities in their field. The authors’ information provides a good ground for assisting nurses with information basic to research work. The information provided by the article offers essential ideologies necessary for the registered nurses to understand basic relationships in professionalism. Diversity amid nursing faculty Helps disseminate cultural Knowledge of diverse nursing Students. Additionally, the nursing curriculum provided by the article reflects cultural styles of learning.


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