Free Custom «Viral Advertising» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Viral Advertising» Essay Paper

This is an emerging web genre which involves company's and organizations getting into the market without necessarily having to spend money on using banner adverts, newspapers ads or even in TV commercials. Instead the campaign in totality is carried out by one's fans thus the advertising of such kind spread very fast like a virus hence the name. Often its impact is estimated to be between five hundred and one thousand more than other than the regular advertisements. One can attract more potential customers towards a certain product or service by including a web link on them and this is evident in mediums like the e-books and articles published online (Hewett, 2009).

The main idea portrayed in viral advertising is to fill the audience with certain emotions like love, happiness ,anger or even hate and this is often done by attaching them on particular issues of interest and this is contrary to the ones where one has to please everyone . In viral ads the advertiser forgets about pleasing every one and focuses on specific groups of people thus producing 100% of emotions on them.

Viral ads does not give a centre stage on the company's products which often makes it appear extremely selfish but rather focuses on making something unique that fans will notice quickly and this include making an interesting story and adding a product or a service into the mix (Hewett, 2009). Once a viral ad has succeeded in gaining the required attention then one uses that opportunity by making a sequel of advertisement that enhances sharing of that information and this is achieved by allowing audience to download it in a usable format, allow embedment on their personal websites, sending to fiends, allow publications in other social networks and finally by allowing fans to add the advertisement into their bookmarks.

Finally viral advertisements are of single opinion hence the advertiser should be able to accept opinions and responses from fans. Therefore for a viral ad to be successful it should not include restrictions like needs to register, attaining of memberships, should require free software to download, entry codes or basically anything that will reduce access of such websites should be avoided.



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