Free Custom «Twitter» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Twitter» Essay Paper

Twitter is among the best social websites that are used all over the world. Just like other social websites, Twitter has grown into a social website with many users using it for communication. The significant achievement made by Twitters stems from its history, its design and functionality, and on the usefulness of the Micro blogging platform that Twitter is built on.

The idea to build twitter is believed to have come from a young engineer who was keen on creating an application that could allow him to inform his with friends of what he was doing (Thomases 4). After the engineer approached a company named Odeo, the idea of connecting friends was made possible when the firm decided to develop Twitter. During its development, Twitter attracted a lot of interest from other entrepreneurs who funded the development of the first prototype. In 2006, the first Twitter was rolled out for use in the public domain.

Twitter is a classic social website that allows users to send messages of about 140 characters or less (Lacy 10). Twitter has millions of members around the world who sign up for the service and invite others to follow them. Members of Twitter can send their message to those who follow them, who can in turn view them in any part of the world. Sending messages in Twitter commonly referred to as tweets have gained popularity to people who use blogs for conferencing. For instance, Twitter allows users give updates during a conference.

Micro blogging is a term used to refer to short blogging services that allow users to create and publish updates to other users (Gunelius 152). Micro blogging is the base that is built on as it allows members to send updates quickly to those who follow them. With micro blogging, the complexity of writing is reduced as the process is made simpler as compared to blogging. However, the use of micro blogging offers limited functionality compared to blogging. Despite the limitation of micro blogging, Twitter has grown into one of the best micro blogging websites that allowed users to communicate and keep in touch.


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