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Toyota Prius Campaign

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Culture and culture change has been used in the Deutsch Magazine advertisement. On the other hand, the decision making of the consumer has been heavily used in the Toyota Prius Campaign.

In the Toyota Prius Campaign, decision making of the consumer is heavily influenced by the advertisement. In the advertisement, the advert portrays a man drowning a dead body into the water and from the car that he was carrying the corpse, Toyota Prius, the act is very much unforgivable. The backdrop where immoral acts are used in the advertisement, where the consumer’s mind is heavily influenced by the advertisement, indicates high levels of application of the theory. On the other hand, the ad by Deutsch Magazine is highly effective in portraying the use of culture and culture change. The dog that is portrayed in the advertisement getting intimate with a beautiful girl seems very extra ordinary and a huge change. Coupled with the fact that the beast dog has diamond teeth show the change in culture and trendiness that the magazine is bringing to the readers or the customers (Jung, 2011).

The Deutsch Magazine advertisement may be out rightly portrayed as being too much on the sex issue but it prompts looking into the magazine for an update on the changes that the society is undergoing. On reading the magazine, it is apparent that it speaks volume on classy issues in the society although very dynamic in as far as change is concerned. The Toyota Prius Campaign on the other hand plays a great role in exposing the love that people have for trendy vehicles (Trendhunter, 2011). As a matter of fact, from the advertisement, it is apparent form the customer reviews that people fall in love with vehicles so much that they tend to overlook at the owners’ morality.

Buy custom Toyota Prius Campaign essay paper cheap

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