Free Custom «The Graphic Language» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Graphic Language» Essay Paper

Step 1: Product description and market analysis.

The first step involves the function of marketing and product research and development, gathering market economic data relevant to the industry and assessing technological innovation in the market.

Industrial designers and marketers brainstorm on customer’s likes and dislikes. The industrial designers assess the accessible form of products and make sketches. Both teams discuss on the way to integrate ways of presentation, economic and market needs and new technologies in an objective and workable way.

It is in this step that production design plan and action is put down and industrial designers get to know about the target customers and chart a way forward of reaching the customers based on there taste and preferences.

The purpose of this step is to set precedence for the design model that will guide the Industrial designers while working on the design of the product. It also clearly brings out what the product expectation is.

Step 2: developing sketches done at the meeting

The discussion carried out in the first meeting between the industrial designers and marketers are taken to a wider group of people who work together in a functional team of specialist to assimilate the ideas.

The industrial designers prepare sketches, illustrations, artworks of ideas mentioned using drafting instrument such as brushes and paint or make use of a computer aided design tools. This is to enable industrial designer’s drafts and lay outs in a more profound manner.

It also in this stage that the ideas and propositions of the first meeting is further assessed to bring a clear understanding in respect to investment and possible returns, this is for the marketers. As for the industrial designers they ensure that concepts and ideas discussed are not forgotten and risking small but crucial details to be overlooked later.

Step 3 Sketching

The process started in two is continued outside the meeting. The sketches are further developed to become more detailed along the way. In this step the industrial designers together with other specialist form a focused project implementation team. Marketers work on getting feedback from their prepositions

The team works towards the creation of new configurations and specifications and review them in an open forum to asses viability.  The industrial designers consider positive remarks in the sketches to suit company plan and strategy. The ideas and suggestion discussed in the first meeting is tested using similar simulation techniques and use sketches to store the option taken.

This step is very important to the entire process because the documentation of detailed instruction, art works or structures in shape and form are actualized a clear sketch to communicate the exact message and impression desired.

Step 4: Making of sketch models

This step involves the industrial design team who are joined by the company managers or representative of various departments. This stage is critical for it is in this stage that decision of the packaging and ways of presentation to customers are analyzed and discussed.

The industrial designers formally asses the packaging options and choices with consideration to the product efficiency in use, packing process in the factories and packing and unpacking process in the end users.

The importance of this is to ascertain the level of satisfaction in consideration to the ease and economy of raw materials, the adherence to or awareness of the cultural sensitivity in packaging materials and the shaping of the overall market perception of the product.

Step 5: Models presentation

When discussion on what and haves has summarized, the next action is to actualize the design model diagram that are customized to the companies industrial design wish.

This is normally done with the aid of CAD software to accurately handle products innovations and development. This ca be inform of a series of stages and gates incase of manufacturing products like automobile, charts that portrays actual product innovations.

The significance of this step is to find out the areas of consideration in the design processes, how fitting are recognized and formally appreciates the innovation and final product development. The diagrams are act as the output points, and product sample accompanying the statement and works better to aid in the implementing the design process.

Step 6: Model Design

The last step is to actualize the project is a draft or sample. After all has been discussed and sketched the next point of action is to create a sample or a draft of the product being developed. This is usual done with mechanical and structural engineers along with the industrial designers, using industry specifics tool or computer aided software.

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This stage is perhaps very important as it serves that important stage of trying the product before decision on production of mass product is made. It saves money for the innovator or the entrepreneur.



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