Free Custom «The Cheesecake Factory» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Cheesecake Factory» Essay Paper

The Cheesecake factory makes between 300-500 million$ revenue from the sale of cheesecakes quarterly. With the upcoming festive season, people are prone to buy more cakes thus necessitating the need to ensure that the company maximizes on the high demand for cake products. Therefore, the main objective of the cheesecake factory will be to increase the sales revenue during this season.

To increase the sales revenue, the company will need to increase the direct sales of cheesecakes by up to 20%. Therefore, the company needs to come up with a marketing strategy. The marketing strategy should target youths, adults and the elderly people who are avid consumers of cheesecake products. To improve on sales, it will be vital to advertise the cheesecake products that are in the market.

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Advertisement avenues will include putting more information about cheesecakes and their respective prices on the company website. This information should also be featured in social networks such as facebook, Google and Twitter since they are the new advertising fronts.  The company products can also be featured in a number of local journals that are food centered. Further, the company should consider giving consumers discounts for products bought in order to entice them to buy more. The advertisement campaign should start by next week through to early January in order to coincide with the festive season. This marketing strategy should cost the company between $ 4-8millions.

To measure the expected increase of 20 % direct sales, the sales revenue generated after advertising will be compared with the sales generated before the commencement of the advertising campaign. If the revenue generated will have increased, then, this means that the market strategy was effective and, the reverse is true. However, when there are no revenue changes that are noted after advertising, it will be vital that the factory reevaluates the marketing plan and the advertisement strategies.


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