Free Custom «The Advertisement and the American Dream» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Advertisement and the American Dream» Essay Paper


In today’s marketing scenario, advertisement plays an integral part. In ancient times, the advertisement was neglected and given minimal emphasis. The practitioners advertising institute suggests that advertising gives the best selling message for the services or products at the lowest possible costs and to the right prospects. This combines the economic media buying and marketing research as well as creativity (Valentin, p16). The mode of advertisement employed determines how the other people will view the product or service. The advertisement itself may seem to be expensive but the cost is mostly justified if it works effectively and economically. They usually upholds and presents commodities, ideas and services of a recognized advertiser and this operates as a link of communication between the producer and the potential buyers.  They normally pass information to the potential buyers interested in finding information about the manufacturers and their products.

Advertisement is the best mode of passing the product information to people who are interested with the products or services. It uses the disseminating information to presents and persuades the prospective buyers about the producers and their products. Through the same process, the advert creates popularity and awareness of the products or services thus increasing their demand (Clow and Baack, p162). This is the best effective and less expensive way of creating contacts. The most common characteristic of advertising is the creation of initial product category demand other than for an exact brand because most people believe that the advertisement of products gives emphasis on the brand name. it is also the best system of distinguishing specific products from their competitors. Besides, it communicates the product information as well as urging the product use within ourselves..

Examples of Ads that sell the Idea of Good Life

Note that good life refers to living a cozy life where a person is able to enjoy every aspect of it. Some of the things that contribute to a comfortable living include the type of job a person does and the salary that particular person earns. Money is wealth and through it a person is able to acquire all he or she needs. In order for these people to recognize the best products or services in the market, they see or hear the advertisements on televisions and radios and even through the internet. Therefore, some of the advertisements of products that leads to a comfortable living are as follows.

Modern Elegant Sofa Set in the USA Design Furniture

The modern elegant leather designer sofa sets is a comfortable and fashionable relaxing with the living room global USA furniture. This modern furniture design offers modern mix of marvelous styles and practicality. They normally deal with three products; a chair, a sofa and a loveseat that provides generous and luxurious seating. Through this advertisement, the advertiser other than presenting the product information they also sell the modern type of living where most people like being comfortable and experiencing the best (Modern Contemporary Furniture, pp34). This advertisement message is intended for all the new generation people who are able to lead a comfortable life through using these products. Now the products being advertised are the comfortable seats that varnish the living room and make it look like heaven on earth. This message makes me feel challenged in life emotionally because the products are affordable to the rich people and therefore I should work extra hard to acquire them in future. The ad is very effective and it makes me wish to buy the products anytime I get the money required.

The creative advertisement of the Zoos

The Zoos refers to adorable animals, which have different characteristics according to their nature and how they are trained. The zoo organization deals with these desirable animals that posses these amazing characteristics and this makes them compete with theme parks of this times. This advertisement deals with creative that are somehow shocking such as wrapped buses by amazing snakes, car stickers that make people laugh, the San Francisco zoo that contains Critter Quest Buenos, the Aires zoo with a 115 year old zoo, Aquarium Berlin with the Snapping Shark Mat. It also has the zoo safari with no cage animals like lions that are well seen. This advertisement is accompanied with pictures that show the animals with unique characteristic. Note that the zoos are also located in different places of the US and Europe.

This advert is intended for all people who love adventure and it deals with services other than products because you go to see the animals and their amazing actions. In addition to the service the advertiser also passes a message that there are animals that most people have not noticed their behaviors and characters other than just seeing them. The advert makes me feel like being at the zoo centre all the time to see these amazing creatures. This idea makes me feel worthy because am sure I will visit some of this centers soon. Therefore, it makes me have the urge of seeing these animals. Such an advert affect my mental curiosity by making me feel like being at this center at anytime.

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The Red Wing Shoe Company Advertisement

The Red Wing Shoe Company, inc. manufactures special, durable and comfortable footwear that are tailored to meet the needs of the precise occupational and recreational activities. For example, there are shoes made for hunting, sports, farming, hiking among others. The advert displays some of the best shoe types produced by this company and presents the details pertaining the shoe company and the products themselves. The company’s brands include Vasque and WORX, the Red wing Irish setter. The Red Wing Sweasy family, Minnesota, owns the company. Sometimes back, the company had the objective of coming up with a wide variety of footwear advertised as ‘work shoes’ that emphasized the protocol work place application.  The company in now doing marvelously in the business market due to its quality shoe types and the market demand increased through advertisement.

This advertisement message is intended for every person who was blessed with legs and who can wear shoes. Through the advert, the advertiser is trying to imply that there are various types of shoes that can be used in all fields starting from the office shoes to the hiking shoes (Lorna, p4). The message through the shoe advert makes me feel like purchasing a modern sport shoes since I love sports and most of the time am in the field participating in different types of sports. This makes me feel worthy to have the best quality of the shoes available in the market. the advert works in a way that it attracts people in different fields to have the urge of buying the shoes that are crucial in their particular fields. I would like to purchase the sports and the official black or brown shoes because I really need them for my sports activities as well as other school activities.


The advertisement is very crucial in the modern life because most people get to know most products and services in the market but they never get to know the details pertaining these products (W. W. Nortion, pp17). Therefore, through the advertisement, the details of the manufacturers and producers are well identified and the products well understood thus increasing their market demand. This is because most people develop the urge of such product and feel like having them that particular moment. Therefore, the advertisement influences the buying habits of an individual because through them one gets to know more about the products and thus attracts this people to buy them.


Goods are highly on demand in the market field because some of them are wants that we cannot do without.  However, most people do not know the details of some of the goods and therefore do not buy them. Through advertisement, the products are well identified as well as there manufacturers or producers. This increases the market demand of this products and make them valuable in society (Clow and Baack, p167). For example, the modern cozy leather sofa sets discussed above are well known through advertisement where people come to know the sample of their seats and where they are located. Therefore, it is important to employ the advertisement concept in business because it has great impacts on goods and services in the market. Note that there are some products/goods that need not to be advertised especially the food staffs, which are required by all people in the world. In other words, they are the basic wants that must be consumed by every individual.   

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Society refers to a group of people who have their lives shaped through aggregated and patterned ways that make them distinguished from other groups. The society is made up of various distinct components such as race, education, culture, family, social class and people’s interactions. Therefore, the society requires these goods in order to be called a society (Altstiel, and Grow, p35). The goods makes some significant developments in the society because through them there are many services undertaken that lead to development. For example, through the blocks, cement, sand and other construction materials, the building services are undertaken where lots of towers and other buildings are constructed in the society. Therefore, the two work consistently in that the society requires the goods in order to develop.



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