Free Custom «Target Marketing Policy» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Target Marketing Policy» Essay Paper

Marketing is a fundamental component of business. In the absence of marketing, running a business would be like trading in the dark where no one notices you. Marketing also makes it possible for goods and services to be translated into fiscal capital because it leads to sales. This means that the need to find the right people to market products and services is an important aspect of business. It is against this background that all corporate institutions and companies have various marketing strategies in place. Target is a company that has been in axistence for a number of years and strife very hard to have its own competitive urge over other companies it deals in the same trade with. In this direct, the company has made its strategy to know from its clients and customers, the exact demands they prefer from the company so that the company would address these demands squarely. It is rather unfortunate that the company has in its bid to achieve this goal often violated the rules in one way or the other.

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 To ensure that the right segment of the market is tapped, marketers resort to the use of surveys to collect data from the public and customers on their needs from the marketing companies involved. As much as it is important that businesses grow, it is also important that basic ethics and principles in marketing are also adhered to. In the case of target, the company collects data by indirectly creating the impression among customers that they are taking their data for discount and promotional purposes. Thereafter, the company makes use of the data that are collected to devise its marketing strategy. The marketing ethics that is broken by Target in this case is that the surveys have failed to fulfill the promise of privacy and confidentiality by exposing personal information of respondents. This is indeed a practice that is out of ethical standards and practice. It has even been reported that most marketers do not make respondents aware that their data are being collected for survey purposes. All that respondents are told is that their data is being collected so that they would be entered into discount and promotional draws. This turns out to be false because in reality the data are screened for target marketing data analysis purposes. If this practice does not constitute mistrust and dishonesty in service to clients then nothing else would do.


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