Free Custom «Sex does not Always Sell» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Sex does not Always Sell» Essay Paper

One of the major forms of communication by companies is through advertising. The advertisements that they use are shown in many countries globally. Companies usually benefit a lot through advertising and therefore, one recommendation is that companies should use advertisements that are appealing to the eye of the public. Moreover, in as much as wanting to have advertisements that are appealing to the eye, most of the companies have opted for commercials that portray sex more than selling the product itself. Most of these companies that use sex as a selling symbol are the companies that sell clothes. Therefore, this paper is going to look at one of the advertisement is being used by Calvin Klein to sell its products.

The print advertisement shows a woman who is almost topless and sited on the lap of a man, from the look of things; it is as if they are romancing. Moreover, the man is kissing the woman on the neck. Apart from having the Calvin Klein’s logo at the bottom no one can say that this is advertisement is for jeans. One would say it is a movie advertisement that has a sex scene. In addition, there is some ray of red painting that one would symbolize it with blood and this qualifies the advertisement for a movie rather than for jeans. On the other hand, it shows the woman as being more submissive to the man. This shows sex more than the jeans that the advertisement is trying to sell.

The advertisers make this mistake because they are selling the models rather than selling their products. Moreover, from the look of things, the print is more obscene and no parent that would want to look at the advertisement with her underage son. The actual product, which is being advertised which in this case is jeans, just have 1/20 of the advertisement. Unless one looks at the logo at the bottom of the print advertisement, it will not be easy to determine if the advertisement relates to jeans. Moreover, the jeans that the models are wearing do not show that they are Calvin Klein jeans. However, the advertisement has an appeal to the people that love obscene pictures.

In as much as the advertisement was for a big clothing company, it is realized that there are some elements that they did consider while they were making the advertisement. One of this is that sex does not always sell and believers in their daily activities would not recommend this advertisement and they would not like to see it while they are shopping for their clothes. There are those people that would not even look at it closely to see what they are trying to advertise since they will see the sex part of it. According to Martin Lindstorm, in his book “Buyology: Truth and Lies about why we buy”, details that this type of advertisement is for pornography and not clothing since it shows that the women are dehumanized and they are used as objects of sex. The dehumanization in this case is shown as the human is having romance outdoor and this shows disrespect.

From analyzing the advertisement, it will easily be said that there are certain ways that a person should behave if they are using the product. In this case, it is as if we are told that one should be obscene if he is wearing the jeans because this is how they are recommended to behave. The advertisement on the other hand shows how one behaves in uncultured way whenever he or she is wearing it. Therefore, after looking at the advertisement, there are some recommendations that I would like to give to the makers of the advertisement. This recommendation is in relation to the studies from class. The recommendations are in form of “Dos” and “Don’ts.”

In as much as they say that sex sells, we are going to look at how far one should go by looking at these recommendations. First, one should never manipulate for the cause, which is to say that even if the intentions are good. From the another point of view, the psychological perspective claims that imagery that are explicit and sexual oriented will always be appealing to the eye and is classified to be in the subliminal messaging which is one of the properties of advertising. However, an advertiser can be in a position of capturing or repelling the audience away from the product. Most of the advertisers use sex to capture their audience, but one should to ask himself if this is ethical in the eye of the society. Is using sex to sell the product healthy for viewing by the underage children? Therefore, there should be usage of transparency should be used in delivering a message and it should be clear and honest as this also is effective apart from using sex.

In addition to the first point, one should keep the message real and relevant. From the print advertisement, it is noticed that it is advertising more of sex than sell the jeans. Therefore, we can say that the reason why sex does not sell is that most of the people will only identify the people that are in the picture rather than what they are advertising. Others will always concentrate on what they are doing. There are some of the people who will buy the product that is being advertised to show what they usually do and has morals that are related to their belief. “Sex in Advertising: Perspectives on the Erotic Appeal” a book by Tom Reichert and Jacqueline Lambiase show that these types of advertisements have been affected generally by the digital age that has really changed the ethical beliefs of individuals. That is to say that people are more likely to look at the things that are more of fantasy than reality.

Another point that one should consider is not to be obscene in the advertisement. This means that one can be decent and still sell even if the product that is being sold is underwear or jeans. There was a case whereby the company used a handful of celebrities and found itself selling a record breaking of seventy percent of the jeans in the market, while another company had an advertisement that showed an advertisement that showed gang rape. This advertisement had a lot of criticism than selling the product as it intended. In as much as there is a belief that sex sells, it also said that if sex is over-saturated in an advertisement, then sex is the main feature of the advertisement rather than selling the product. The saturation of sex make the advertisement to be sexuality oriented advertisement. Nonetheless, it is proven that sex does not sell in the media. Most of the individuals would rather go for a product that has been advertised using love scene rather than buy a product that shows more of sex.

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When advertising a product, one should use the knowledge of the consumers; this means that for one to advertise his products effectively, he should use what his customers know about the product. In the case of Calvin Klein jeans, the advertiser should use the image that shows that the jeans are tough not showing that the jeans is associated with sexiness. The advertiser should show a mechanic wearing the jeans at work and the jeans be full of grease and dust and yet still having its toughness. Finally, it is known that people are always affected by sex and the planet earth is a sex-oriented place whereby people just put sex in front of everything they do, so as one uses the images that depict sex in their product, it would therefore be necessary to know what your audience would say after viewing the advertisement.

One of the things that one should consider is that the advertisement should not implicate more sex than the product it self like in the case of the Calvin Klein advertisement. That shows more of sex than the trousers that are supposed to be advertised by the print picture. From this, the advertisers can work on an advertisement that can clearly show that it is advertising trousers rather than sex. Therefore, it can be said that sex does not really sell.



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