Free Custom «Selecting Country for Designer Jeans» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Selecting Country for Designer Jeans» Essay Paper
  • Overview: United Kingdom is a high-income level country that has lower rate of unemployment. Notably, only 5.6% of the total employable population is unemployed. Because of this, we can assume that the people in UK can afford buying luxury goods. Moreover, it has a large size of market for luxury goods that account for 83% of the market of luxury items. So, we decided to give UK 9 out of 10. It is also important to note that the location of the UK is also an important factor that was considered during the selection of a country to market these jeans products. In this regard, UK is located near Paris, which is a centre of the fashion industry. Furthermore, the GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity is third higher above all other countries thus we ranked it 9 out of 10. GNI per capita for UK is 36240 which show that it has high disposable income. Population, Urban Population, Growth rate of GDP.

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  • Implications to marketing: the large urban population in United Kingdom is good for marketing because we have a large consumer to target our product. From the research that was carried out, it was found out that the United Kingdom market was supported by the government since this was a way of promoting the entire economy. In relation to this, whereas the government supported this market as a way of making its economy to grow, this was a channel to enlarge the overall market of this product. More so, the fashion industry alone was worth %u20A447,644.9 of the UK market. This means that this product, i.e. design jeans, which is a luxurious good will have an excellent opportunity to sell in the UK market. As a result of this, the UK was ranked 6 out of 10.

  • Overview: It is important to understand that the UK internet industry is growing at a very fast rate. Remarkably, research shows that this industry is growing at a very fast rate. In line with this, it was realized tha there is a 16% increase in the current value terms with an estimated sales that reached US $31.2 billions. Additionally, ecommerce is expected to reach US $58.9 billions by 2014. On the other hand, nearly every home in the United Kingdom had access to the television. When ranked on a scale of 1-10, the UK was ranked 10, implying that at least every home has an access to the television.

  • Implications to marketing: A large percentage of the UK had access to the internet and the television. Additionally, business transactions over the internet were growing at a very high rate. In other words, it was projected that the UK industry was going to grow at a very high rate. This was found to create internet advertising and marketing of this product. Since most people had access to the internet, the cost of advertising was poised to reduce substantially. Similarly, since the growth of the ecommerce industry is still growing, this product could also be sold over the internet. On the other hand, those people that could not access the internet could also be reached through the television. Thus, when our product failed to reach the targeted market over the internet, they could be reached through the television.

Size of Industry

  • Overview: The size of the fashion industry is large, totaling %u20A447,644.9 of the UK market. It important to note that this industry is still growing, enjoying around 6.7% growth. Importantly, the fashion industry was expected to drive growth in the market. As a result of this, the UK was ranked 6 out of 10 on a 1-10 scale.

  • Implications to marketing: Since the size of the market of luxurious goods was very high, this provided an opportunity to market this product to a large or rather a wider market. Notably, the luxurious industry was also established in the UK and this provided an important infrastructure for marketiing this product. However, one of the challenges that this product would face is a lot of competition from the existing luxury products.

Political/ Regulatory Environment

  • Overview: The issues of taxes were also considered during this market research. It was discovered that it was easy to pay taxes both on imports and exports in the United Kingdom as compared to any other market. Thus, the UK was ranked 9 on a scale of 1-10 with weighted points of 0.45. On the other hand, this industry was favored by the political structures in the United Kingdom. In this regard, there was freedom in doing business in the luxury industry, a factor that promoted the market rather than constraining it.

  • Implications to marketing: The ability to pay taxes easily acted as an important factor in the marketing of this product. In this regard, one could easily meet the requirements and regulations that have been set by the government in regard to doing business in a particular country. On the other hand, political freedom not only enhanced doing business in the market but also ensured stability of the market.

UK is a best market for our product.

  • Overview: Market size of luxury items, GNI per capita, Population, Urban Population, Growth rate of GDP

  • Implications to marketing

  • Overview: Internet retailing, percentage of population with TVs, percentage population with Access to internet

  • Implications to marketing

Size of Industry

  • Overview: Number of luxury retailers, size of fashion industry

  • Implications to marketing

Political/ Regulatory Environment

  • Overview: import taxes, export taxes, level of economic freedomImplications to marketing


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